Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joe Muffera Socks

Upon learning to knit, I generated many pairs of fraternal (never did I knit two exactly the same!) socks using my mum's handspun worsted wt wool. My Papa would say, 'good for you, you made another pair of Joe Muffera socks!' because these socks were so large that you could really only wear them as slippers. My boyfriend actually started to buy bigger boots just to make me happy.
So this explains why I call these Joe Muffera socks for my son Gage. A version for a boy growing like a weed. He will soon be seven, but he is almost as big as me! Only a few more inches and pounds to go...Maybe he will be the next Joe Muffera of Québec. My blue eyed boy.xx

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Jean said...

Fine looking boy - he looks strong and healthy, blue eyes - very nice. I like the red and gray combination. Thanks for the tip on Ravelry for the Marie Claire Idee magazine. I had intended to check into it today, but spent the day caring for a sick friend. Hope to find time soon.