Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy moment

This is my first swatch for the Whisper cardigan using my homespun yarn. This is the first knitting I've done in oh so long.
Admittedly, it still is uncomfortable to do but I wiggle around in many positions until I get tired.
At least it doesn't hurt anymore and for that I am so relieved.
I can also wash dishes again which is not so grand. I was really hoping that with HD doing the dishes and floors he would give in and buy that dishwasher, but no.
At this point, I am so pleased to have knit any rectangle that I rush to blog about it before blocking and measuring it to see if it is worth mentioning. I am basking in the happy moment that is getting back on the horse and riding through the forest!

It is officially march break for my kids here in Quebec. I spent the last two days out of the house to recharge my battery in preparation. All the meals and keeping the peace between them as well as finding the floor on a regular basis takes a full charge out of me. I was (sort of) an only child and can't for the life of me get used to all that noise and sometimes caos. It seems to me that they were home for Christmas just last week...?

I feel a tad bit guilty casting this on. I have a queue waiting and I jump ship and fall for the first barely there cardi that arrives with the new IK mag. Oh well. Its a tough world. Even for queues.


Jean said...

I loved having the children around for the most part and I miss having loved ones around to cuddle with, read books to and just hang around. My Niece just had her baby and I do hope I get to know her and have another young one in my life. Glad you are on the mend and hope your swatch turns out well.

nicole said...

Your last sentence made me laugh.

I'm sure the cardi will be lovely. I think that's a really good pattern for you! I'm happy you're back to knitting, but make sure not to overdo it, as tempting as it might be!

Good luck with March Break!