Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gold investment

In these economic times, it's nice to have some gold...

My LYS is closing shop. Fini. Goodbye. Retirement obviously doesn't mean the same thing to all people. If I owned a yarn shop, I would be unlocking the doors until I am blue haired and on life support.
I discovered this unpleasant fact once I wandered in to buy two extra balls of my next project yarn yesterday. Only to find that some knitter made off with all the orange Galway and the shop is now closing in April - so forget about asking for more. You would think I was the only crazy fool buying orange wool. I thought it was a safe enough colour to have all to myself, but no. Crap.

As for the bling... I hope this stuff looks good on me. Although at this stage in my life -does it really matter? I have never tried to wear yellow before and never used mohair to make myself a sweater so this should be interesting ;)

I came home with the last 11 balls on the shelf. Sandnes Kitten Mohair. I searched this stuff on Ravelry to see what projects are out there. Big surprise to me, this is worsted weight! I get so taken to the cleaners every time a thin fuzzy yarn is labelled bulky or worsted.
I was sure it was fingering. What do I know? It doesn't make sense (to me anyways!)
On Ravelry, there was over 500 projects (various colourways) using this stuff, mostly lacey shawls and one uncircumcised penis. I know. LOL. You never know what people are knitting these days...
No, I won't be knitting one of those with my gold however, I am thrilled that I have enough to swatch a tunic I have in my Queue.

Voici - my new honey. I cast-on my Christmas kit present from Pet last night and was trying to follow the billion words to this recipe with my two youngest doing homework nearby. I was one stitch short and thought I was no match for the genius that is Norah Gaughan.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the solution. (I guess I was knitting in my dreams again, bet ya it was cashmere...) I suddenly remembered a swatch I knit of a lace cardigan from Vogue Knitting that had a stitch lesson about YOs. I pulled the magazine out from my cupboard and there it was! How to knit Yarn Overs when they fall between a Knit and a Purl. You give the YO an extra wrap around the right needle to make the following Purl. TA-DA! Now I am enjoying the right stitch count. I just love my Vogue Knitting collection. BTW, I am using my prefered seed stitch à la Bergère each side of the leaf motif instead of the nasty K2,P2 rib that I loath of the original pattern (sorry Norah!).

I have been getting the sewing bug lately. I actually entertained the idea of having a peek at the fabric store yesterday to make myself a warm skirt while I was out but after the unplanned bag full of mohair, I thought it best to steer clear of the fabric store and come home to save money. I want a lovely skirt to wear my Cloudy Day leg warmers under. I will have a look see in my potting shed full of sealed boxes of fabric...cough...before buying anything more.

Here is a picture of the 'huge' pencil case I like to sew for my kids. Many compartments and room for everything. I save nice zippers from old clothes to use for such projects. This bag is quilted for firmness and lined with cotton.


Anneh said...

Stop tempting me with ideas about discounted yarn...I have enough already! I love that pencil case, though...if only I went to school still.

Jean said...

The yellow yarn is so cheerful and I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it. I really do like the large pencil case - your children are quite fortunate to have such a talented and caring mother. You are such a kind soul.

Hilary said...

Oh my gosh, I HAD to look up the *ahem* naughty project you mentioned and I am laughing so hard!!! Who would have thought... Anyway, whatever you decide to make with your yellow mohair, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Sel and Poivre said...

That "pencil case" is fabulous - especially the part about using old zippers. I do that too - often pillage old clothes for their connecting bits - I have a ton of little white buttons from cast off shirts. How sad about your LYS - but how fab about that yellow yarn!