Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dr Jeryll and Mr. Hyde...hum...must be a duplex

I have this on again, off again love affair with making my own clothes.
I go off sewing when things go awry in fitting the garments I try to make. I love Dr. Janome (sewing machine) and loath Mr. Mylock Janome (the serger).
I can do many great things with my sewing machine and when I am very lucky, the serger will do its magic to seal all my delicate edges. (in most cases NOT)
Yesterday, the beast ate my sleeve!
The delicate woven fabric was unravelling at its cut edges. I tried to serge it for strength only to have it fall apart in the middle. Last sleeve and no more fabric to cut out a new one. Sniff. I suffered a hotflash and opened the window and calmed down and decided to live with it. I have high blood pressure, this doesn't help it.

Last summer, I started this blouse (McCalls 3925) for the second time. Don't ask. I got as far as the first sleeve and tried it on. I found the neck opening rather large and promptly closed up shop and started to knit something soothing instead.
HD is replacing the water pressure tank today and has cut me off of water to the sink (less housework can be expected). My shoulder is really bothering me when I knit(am I whining yet?) so I thought I would try to sew my blouse again.
I can't sit still for a minute!
I attached the second sleeve yesterday and the front extension and tried it on for size this morning. The neck opening was indeed large but I am satisfied with the ease of the main body so I decided to introduce 4 darts (2 front, 2 back) around the neck edge. The darts worked like magic this time to make the upper blouse fit without binding in the back (aka the hump). My favorite tool is the Mark B gone pen. It erases with water (spit in most cases) and I use it to draw on my fabric when placing darts etc. Since the main body fit rather well, I can save this blouse and actually wear it! I have made all changes to the copied pattern pieces and the next blouse will be minus those 4 darts.
...Insert Snoopy Dance...

My couturière classes and endless study of sewing books and issues of threads come in handy after all.
I would love to make pretty things to wear with my knitted things. That's the plan.

I was pleased to find some suitable lace in my drawer to finish the neck edge. Too bad it wasn't a matching yellow. le sigh.

Hook and eyes closures are hidden under the center front. While pinning the front closed I realized tiny pearls would be very nice to decorate the front as faux buttons. I will have a hunt for these shortly. Best of all is the topstitching. I love to topstitch! The result is so smart looking. I love the hand sewing at the end too. The hidden front extension has to be stitched closed with an invisible slipstitch to join the folded edges.

Le Grand Plaid and a new sock (mistigris)keep me company in the evening by the tv when a good cold beer takes the edge off the pain in the neck. Fringe is on tonight too. ya! ETA: I checked the tube and no sight of Fringe tonight. Poo.


Jean said...

The yellow blouse is so fresh and spring like. I too sewed at one time, but with the loss of all of the local fabric stores, it became too difficult. To have your own serger - it would really give your garments a polished look (at least when it works... giggle). Have you tried MSM (its a supplement) for your shoulder pain, this helps especially if it involved muscles.

knitjo said...

I know that little feeling about wanting to sew, however, I really am not as good at it as you, I have an old Singer I bought second hand in college. I make great curtains though and must make some for my living/dinning room, so I will dust off my sewing machine soon

nicole said...

Pretty blouse. I have yet to try tailored clothes. So far, I've stuck to nightgowns and bathrobes. A LOT easier.

Sel and Poivre said...

I too have suffered terribly with shoulder and wrist pain as well as pinched nerves in the neck. My right arm had to be fully immobilized for three months a few years ago. I feel your pain - take care!