Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comforts of home

Joe Muffera socks
My design
Size: 7 year old boy with big feet : )
Yarn: DK wt wool/nylon blend (lost the label)
50g of each red and grey is lots for a pair
Needles: 3.75 mm knitpicks dpns
K1, P1 rib detail on instep & stockinette stitch for the rest

In other news, I hurt my right shoulder back in early December and knitting is painful these days. I have been trying everything I can think of (short of seeing a doc) to heal this thing by me onesy and it seems taking a break (a few hours) from my knitting chair really helps. My last square in Astrakan stitch made my arm burn like a witch's jalapeno.

Thus, my blanket wool and needles sit on the table and I haven't touched them in two days. Time out for being stupid. On my last square, I cast-on too many stitches and didn't notice I had too many bumps until I compared the finished piece to my first one. Ack! A frogging holiday is what I am taking. Pass the tequila.

I cooked up a few goodies in my kitchen instead. Blueberry waffles anyone? Top these babies with some good ol' maple syrup. I know. I make these ahead (like this afternoon) and let them cool on a wire rack. I place them on a cookie sheet and cover with a large ziplock (layed over the waffles) and pop the tray into the freezer for a quick chill. Once they are hard, I pile them into the ziplock and keep in the freezer for breakfast. The kids can pop them into the toaster to warm them up and presto!
My kids get on the bus at 07:20am so this is a great way to cook up a real meal for them while I'm ricocheting around the house finding mitts and eyeglasses...

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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness I love those socks! I have a particular soft spot for grey socks with red toes and the one's you've made look perfectly cozy as well - lucky boy (with big feet ;)).

I also make toaster ready breakfasts - french toast made with thick sliced cinnamon raisin bread is very hearty and smells delicious as it sizzles in the toaster!