Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beaver Art

My knit blanket is a real bore for blog purposes. So I post the picture of something else I made...
Cherry Cream Cake from my kitchen

Ivy was away this weekend and I can't have Valentine's Day cake without her. I made it this morning while I waited for her to be dropped off.
This is chocolate cake in two layers. I made an indent in the first layer for the cherry filling and some icing. Topped off with whipped cream and berries. I can't eat chocolate...but everyone else loves it.
This afternoon, I decided to walk the trail instead of ski. Everything is rather slippery for skiing. I am afraid of falling since my injured shoulder is really kicking my arse these days. I can barely knit let alone risk falling down a hill...
Without the speed of a good ski, I was able to enjoy the subtle beauty around me and take some photos of things that took my breath. I will share...
Many beaver live in these parts. The fallen trees are chewed in such a tell tale way...I see a giant knitting needle. Size 52 mm..?

Upon said fallen tree was a single red berry. I call it Beaver Art.

A little further along, I heard the sound of paper work. I turned to see a lovely bouquet of my favorite leaves. A beautiful golden wheat colour. Amazing oak leaves still cling to the branches of a young tree in February. How amazing.

I fancy these tiny cones. As a little girl, I loved to collect pine cones of every size. I've never seen this variety. Today, I did not put any in my pocket. I'm a big girl now.
Messy house guests?
I think so! The forest carpet is littered with these orangy piles. Reminds me of 'Gisele', the chipmunk that lives at our cottage. Every Spring, we find tidy little piles of pine cone kernels in our cottage. She is very neat about it. This makes removing them rather effortless. I told my children she had a party and swept up the mess only she had no dust pan to pick them up. This made them smile. I smiled too.

This last picture is of a birch tree. I have not confirmed this with my inhouse lumberjack but I think it is a 'Bouleau blanc' which is a white birch in english, if I am correct...

Anywho, second only to the majestic oak, I love white birch. I fancy the white paper bark. This tree was almost silver in the afternoon sun. The cluster of branches coming from the trunk reminded me of my knit-blogger-friends. My blogger friends are so special to me!

Aline xx

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Susan said...

Loverly pics as always, my friend. Thanks for sharing your day with us.