Friday, February 20, 2009

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Please put La Bergère back together again...

All the whining I've been up to lately hit an all time high Wednesday. I volunteered to go skating with the wee folk and their classes and made my shoulder worse.
So bad that I called my chiro yesterday afternoon and made an appointment to spend some yarn money on injured wing repair.

I am in really bad shape! Dr. Bédard had to brace my shoulder with tape but not before he popped my right elbow back into place...I saw stars!

I am surviving on Tylenol which is upsetting my tummy but keeps me from laying across the snowy yellow line on the highway.

I am thrilled that the attention Dr. B gave my right arm has made it possible for my arm to hang straight. It has been stuck in mid-air of weeks. All I hope for now is no allergy to the adhesive on the medical tape and perhaps a better snooze tonight. Knitting has been impossible, I couldn't drive myself to Ottawa either. Le Sigh.

I've declare that I am not washing dishes and the floors can kiss my a**.

HD had to be chauffeur for me today and to reward him we popped in to Princess Auto Hardware store to return an item. I found this store was full of men that all had that yarn shop look on their faces. It was funny! It struck me that single ladies could easily find a handy bo in this place - just saying! (Did you hear me Pet?)

This hardware store has a really good price on Duck tape. At least 3$ less than Canadian Tire.

What would I be needing Duck Tape for? Well, it is March break in a week...but no it is for an upcoming sewing project! When the swelling goes down in my shoulder, I will enlist a friend to Duck tape my torso to make my very own dress form. I want a dress form in the worse way, to hang my knits for photos and fitting tailored garments. Fun eh?

At Princess Auto I found this amazing canvas project bag. It is heavy duty with oodles of pockets for knitting accessories. The bottom is rigid that a project won't get tangled or crushed. 7.93 CDN$ Sweet!


Hilary said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon!

Jean said...

OOOOHHHH nice canvas bag, it would have cost so much more in a knitting shop. Hopefully you will be quickly on the mend, please be sure to really rest it. Lot's of time for movies and a little reading. Maybe have someone pamper you a bit as well. Take Care dear girl. I'm sure we will all patiently await your return to wellness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aline! Visited the new yarn store in Buckingham, very nice. Chatted with Darquise and her mom, quite pleased with the publicity on your blog! Might get to see you teaching the next time I stop! Elisabeth

Sel and Poivre said...

We stop by a Princess Auto shop in Barrie en route to the cottage all the time and I sit in the car and knit while my husband and son poke around in there - I think I better plan to go in and look around for myself the next time - that's a great canvas tote!

I'm convinced my chiropractic adjustments keep me knitting pain free!

knitjo said...

Ohh, I want to make a dress form like the one in Custom Knits too. My DH has volunteered to tape me up (hmmm is that Red Green kind of kinky?)
Hope your shoulder is doing better!