Friday, January 16, 2009

Teeth a chattering...

This embroidery is done.
I think it looks like a Border Collie..?
Oh my gosh, that was longer and pokier than I ever imagined. I am tired of it and will leave the sheep as they are for now. Maybe some other day I will get plucky and apply some yarn to them from my sheep wool.
I find the dog design stiff because of the layer of extra wool and the reverse side of my fabric is spoiled by the evidence of applique stitches and tacked in ends. Knitters always turn it inside out!

This reminds me of someone I loved...My first dog Jeannie was a Border Collie. She was a three year old rescue that my uncle Oscar brought to our farm when I was 7. She was very skittish and shy but after a few weeks, we were inseparable. She was great with my Mums sheep, so clever and my constant companion for years.

This is the only picture I have of her, taken Christmas morning in 1984 when I got a Polaroid camera for Christmas. This was the first photo taken with it. Very special by the fact that she sat up on her hind legs for the picture. She never did that before or the time I snapped this picture, she was falling back down and I was beside myself laughing that she was so cute and playful.

The kids stayed home today. We went one or two degrees below yesterday. Enough is enough. I don't trust that the bus won't break down on some country road and everybody gets frost bite.

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