Friday, January 9, 2009


Voilà - My version of the rib warmer adapted for a dude after much counting, ripping and knitting.
Yarn: Highland Heather Colour 700(4) & 733(1)
Needles: 5mm (US 8)
Tension: 5 sts = 1 inch (worsted Wt yarn)
Tech.: Garter stitch. Turn & wrap corners, neatening of wraps to avoid hole when adding a stitch every other row on corner.*
Pattern: An adaptation of the Rib Warmer from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop

This pattern was written for ladies.
I adapted it to knit for my hubness.
He is alot bigger than this lady so I had to do the math. Gulp. I was successful and for that I am impressed but humble.
This pattern requires some sewing (I like that). You knit two pieces identical than join the two along the center back and at shoulders. I left a little 5 rib indent at the bottom just because I'm the boss of my sewing. See.
I modified the corners too. Turn and wrap all the way to the last 5 sts. *I picked up the wraps when increasing the stitch count back to the original number. This prevented a nasty hole every stitch. A little trick I learned from Lucy Neatby Dvd (gems). Love these Dvds and they are so very useful.
Those holes are pretty for a lady but I thought it was too lacey for a guy. The holes also made the fabric droop. Can't have that either.
The blueish yarn was a shopping mistake that I made into a design element. Cough. The colour is not too shabby and accents those nifty corners. Ta da.

The collar is my favorite element of the design.

Happy 45th birthday Len.

I am very pleased to have sorted out my lists on the sidebar. Not that anyone cares but me. I stayed up wayyy passed bedtime last night when there was peace and quiet and less competition for the internet. I stared, stalked and studied those HTML codes into submission. Very pleased.


nicole said...

Congrats on taming the vest and the sidebar. You showed them both who's boss.

Very nice!

Marie said...

Its my first visit ici! Your sidebar is impressive indeed!