Sunday, January 11, 2009

Le Sigh....

Feather scarf
Needles: 8 mm circulars
Yarn: Polyester eyelash
Tension: N/A
Garter stitch in strips lengthwise until I ran out of yarn.
This was amazingly fast to knit. A real no brainer and both my girls asked me questions like: "who's that for?" and "can you make me one?"
My sister-in-law's boyfriend spent the day here yesterday and I was able to finish this, take blog photos and slip it into his unlocked Toyota.
My sister-in-law called later to say she loves it. Mission accomplished.

About the sigh part...would you just look at this for a minute.
My hubness built this house. We don't have one but it has only been 17 years. Give him a break. Sigh. Oh well, with no mortgage to pay, I can buy yarn and stay home with my kids. Besides, I get to see everyone elses beautiful log home and their pets!

Oooh Llamas....

These are Shropshire cuties!


Jean said...

You lucky girl, to be able to stay at home and be with your family, knit and enjoy life!!! It's very expensive to live in California, I would love to be able to stay at home, garden, grow my own veggies, maybe a few chickens... sure beats battling rush hours traffic both ways and working sometimes for 11 hours a day. I can tell how much you appreciate your life, many don't realize what they have, but your love for life reflects clearly in your blog. Ala Votre!

Anonymous said...

hi there neighbour. You've kept busy. Beautiful work.
Send me you're new email. Old one does not work.