Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keeping warm

No wonder I was having so much trouble. Leave it to me to make it hard on myself.
A friend from a Ravelry group came to my rescue with a Youtube clip and I picked up those stitches (a third time) all around the front of the vest. Easy. Now I have to live with the armholes done wrong. ?

I picked up my snowbird mittens again. Even HD is impressed. These are a 'one more row' etc project. Fast.

The palm is so pretty!
And because we gotta eat too...When the gang gets home from ice fishing, they sink their teeth into my famous deep dish.

This time I only had orange cheddar in the fridge. I'm the boss of my pizza. Orange is my favorite colour anyways.

No left fact, the wee folk are eating two slices now. Will soon have to double the crust!
Today is -30C or there abouts. A good day to bake lemon pies and defrost the kitchen freezer. We put all the food on the deck until we clean up the freezer. I say 'we' cause HD is hanging out today. I hope my reminders of all the repairs this old house needs will prompt him to retreat to his shop again. I like my peace and quiet. hee.


Susan said...

How about posting that Youtube link? I'll need it soon myself...

DeeAnn said...

Yeah picked up stitches!!! :-) You are almost there, I can't wait to see it finished.

Love the mitts, and boy do you need them now! Wow is it cold. Good idea about the freezer, I hadn't thought of that but yeah, nothing would thaw this week. Another item for my to do list :)