Friday, January 9, 2009


I am on the last leg of my vest...I am damn near out of brown yarn too. If I technically run out of the main colour I have decided to proceed with the left over blueish yarn I used for the corners. God forbid that should run out too. It is in fact a vest made for fishing. Not one for going around looking cute. It will be much like the 'Joseph multicolour coat' I'm afraid.
And don't care anymore. Poo.
No really, it is a satisfying project. I just like to make fun of it, that's all. It's my own design by now and should I make it again, it would have to be shorter to accommodate the yardage of this particular yarn. I know that now...

As for the confession: What a mess my sidebar has been!
I can't tell you how annoying it is for moi to come to my very own place on the web each day and see the pain-in-the-arse way my list of knits with the-cute-little-picture and the nifty link-to-said-post is all askew. Haremph.
I am hopeless with html codes. Honestly, if it's the last thing I do (been saying that a lot lately) I will learn how to fix each and every one of 'em! I managed to get one screwed on straight this morning. I think I am getting it. Shh.

I am so inspired by all of you out there. Each and every day, I come to visit your blogs/ravelry and see what's simmering. I am leagues behind most of you but what a sweet ride it is to be inspired and sometimes noticed.
All this to say that 'behind in my knitting, I am' because I have been more on the net than in the knitting chair. Because of which, I managed this morning to fix one of my sidebar upsets which pleased me to no end and I found several new free patterns that I want to knit and gift this year (maybe Xmas 09 already?).

I have read some funny and lovely stories from webfriends I much admire. Such as Ren! Ah, it's a good good day indeed. This morning I started to cast-on the feather boa scarf. It is much more fun than anticipated. It is not often (if ever) that someone turns up at my door with yarn (I don't care made of what) and just hands it over to be knit anyway I like. I love that.

My new Piecework mag has arrived. Could be why I am so chipper. An Alice Starmore pattern inside! Blessings Blessings.

This just in...I've been out for my ski and back; in one piece but nervous. I was slipping along nicely and suddenly there was very fresh dogish/wolfish prints along my trail on the swamp part of the journey. Then to make matters worse, a fresh pool of blood. I know. I stopped dead and had a wee reflect on life. Looked around. Made some loud noises and looked around again. I guess that was Mr Wolf's lunch. A mole no doubt. I finished my ski without any problem. The pair of them, Mr & Mrs, seems to have split up (?). We only see one now and one set of tracks. Poor dear whichever one is missing. I hope the other doesn't decided to want to meet me. I'd rather be anonymous.

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