Friday, October 31, 2008

Knitted knicker chuckle

I am cranking away on my pinwheel. Round and round I go. It is rhythmic stitching is what it is. It soothes away the ache of thinking about fair-isling again.
Yesterday evening, I sat under me lamp for many hours trying to meditate into my stitching. Trying to relax because apparently I am getting old (when did this happen?) and my little body is getting cranky about it...
I looked down at my work only to completely crack myself up in a fit of the giggles.
All by my onesy at some odd hour of last night...
By George, I have knitted a knicker! When you hold this sweater like a bowl you get a pair of panties. Well-well. A very entertaining aspect indeed. Now I know how to knit 'em if ever I get cold enough and/or start to spring leaks! Which reminds me that my grandmother used to knit diapers for her children out of necessity for cold weather. Poor dear. She thought I was mad when I took up spinning and raising sheep. She was so glad to be rid of this chore when she could start to buy yarn for knitting back in the day. I suppose when you have to do something it takes most of the artistry out of it. Like mending pants when you would love to sew a skirt!

Look see! My beloved Bergamot wearing winter caps of icy snow. I was on my way to the compost heap when I spotted my dried-up lads sporting little hats.

Perhaps the fairies knit these for them?

The warmer weather is back again, however. Just in time for tricks and treats tonight! This year, Mum has trick and a treat for the wee folk. I bought the collector edition DVd of Nightmare before Christmas. Less candy you see and Ivy is a huge Tim Burton fan. Whatever Ivy likes is cool around here with the smaller two...
There I go again, winning the Mother of the Year Award. Boo!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Fringe was on T.V. last night and the fresh falling snow was blocking our signal.

This is a snowy, we-haven't-removed-our-screens shot of my husband climbing onto the roof in a wind storm to wipe the receiver clean. His idea. What a lamb.
I have baked him a double order of 'surprise aux pommes' and I will hem those two pair of pants today. after I blog of course. cough.

No offense hon, but there are times when I hate having a sewing machine. Broken zips, hems and holes are not my idea of crafting. Groan. The things we do to please our handy man.

Man oh man was it windy last night! At one point I was certain my bedroom window would shatter. I snuggled deeper into the duvet and fell back to sleep trying to remember where my ice scraper was.

The storm brought with it a bonus day off of school for moi (not the kids, yay). My French tutor was without hydro and coping with a case of 'Swiss Family Robinson'.

I relish staying home and decided to put the armholes into my baby pinwheel on my lunch break. Quelle joie.

I can't help but think this would be the perfect cardigan for a turtle, eh?

So far, I have only used one ball of yarn. I obviously got a little side tracked by my pattern that said I needed 8 balls. They were for the 8 different colours... Nowww I get it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exhibition & Sale

The annual Ottawa Valley Weavers' & Spinners Guild exhibition and sale. Before I forget, this is a place to go this week for fiber fanatics. I was a member of this Guild for two years and this is a fun event that happens annually. If all goes well, I will be there early Saturday for an alpaca fix. Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall is for colour and knitting dessert

The sockettes are done and they fit. The recipient is 8 yrs old and she loves them. She said so. She really likes the way they are different and spent some time studying which foot she liked best. The warmth will be a bonus.

As for the short row heel: I will not give up! I went to the doctor this morning and he said my blood pressure was too high. I blame those double wraps. That and coming off a weekend with my kids. Deadly combo. Note to self: If I am falling apart, I want to get as much knit before I kick the bucket.

My baby pinwheel sweater is coming along nicely. I am amazed at how much fun this is to make. I see myself stocking more yarn for others to come. This yarn is so pretty. I feel as though I were knitting dessert. It has lovely little bits of embroidery floss spun into it that appear like many french knots of pastel colours. I am sure the new Mum will adore her sweet girl dressed in this swirl of comfort. My yarn is DK and the pattern calls for worsted wt so I am crossing my fingers and tweaking the counts. The sleeve stitches are the next thing for me to do and I can't wait to see what becomes of it. I hear the bus, this is me now off to make after school snacks.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early morning knitting

This has been bookmarked for ages over here. I have a baby gift to knit and the solution occured to me early this morning. I have some stashed yarn that I can use to avoid buying more. Why didn't I think of this sooner?In other news, my short row heel is kicking my butt. I don't like the first version I used for the first sockette and the second version will be perfect. I have only ripped it out three times. I got up early this morning to re-read the tutorial here. It is the purl side/public side/picking up of double wraps that is not my forte. I am off to cook some oatmeal and have another cuppa. Great weekend to you all!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wool is my middle name

My first toe-up sockette is finished. I realize now I haven't kept proper notes on the first to make an identical pair. oops. I hate when that happens. That and I am using the same odd ball order but am taking the wool as it comes and getting different stripes too.

This being my first short row heel I am discovering the diverse heels of the knitting community. If you have a favorite please let me know. I am still trying to accept the fact that there will never be a heel flap. Get over it.

Then came time to cast off. I had to go hunting around for one that worked. Any suggestions?

Isn't it funny how you don't notice stuff about yourself? Ivy pointed out to me recently that if you pass the 'L' over the 'A' in my name, it spells 'Laine' (the french word for wool). I love it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Look what followed me home from Vendor Night at the Ottawa Knitting Guild?
A pasley magnetic chart marker. I have a 'thang' for the pasley design. My knitting bag is covered in 'em. I enjoy the French word for Pasley, Cachemire (à motifs de feuilles stylisées). I love leaves of all kinds.
The cute skull set is for Ivy. She is a new member of the guild this season. We are having lots of fun sharing a passion for knitting. Something I would have loved to experience when I was growing up. I am hoping to see some knit projects on her new blog soon.
I have been itching to cast on something a little more whispy that demands a bit more stick-to-it-iveness. Thus my first skein of lace wt...alpaca no less. I do declare a fling is happening here! Not to mention the colourway matches my pasley knitting bag...gefaw!

Post man extraordinaire dropped off my newest issue of bliss. So many must-knits between the covers, I could cry.

Is that a little knitting lurking around in this photo? French grammaire being what it is, I have been saturating my brain with french lingo and my fair-isle mittens are drawing a pension. I had to frog an inch of the palm last week since my chart following skills are about as good as my french vocabulary... Que veux-tu?
Nice, mr. post man also dropped off some lovely harmony straights. Yes indeed, I did decide upon the 10 inch ones. I have a set of longer bamboo straights from way back when. These shorter sticks will be fun for fewer stitch projects. They are so pretty and sleek! I highly recommend them.
My friend Lynda found this last week and picked up a copy for me. Merci! I have already found some patterns I want to knit next year (get in line honey).
Ivy and I have become die hard Fringe fans. Walter being the best part of this awesome show. Last week, Dr. Bishop even uttered the words ' Wool Socks ' just before zapping Peter to demonstrate static electricity. Maybe you 'had to be there' but stating wool socks is pretty close to actually breaking out the circulars. We were thrilled(it doesn't take much). We spend all week quoting Walter. It's fabulous fun. We will never get over the Root beer episode...Something is to be said for have so much in common with a crazy guy. I even found a Fringe group on Ravelry. Life is not so bad this week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Secrets revealed

Okay kids, enough with the zippered lip. I am letting the cat out of the bag. This is my secret knitting project. I finished the second version yesterday. I remain true to my mandate of knitting everything three times or at least twice so far...
You know that famous line we all know and gloss over. Take time to check gauge. I have a new one for us. Take time to check gauge and Ravelry. I am sure everyone does (but me) and you guys save yourselves all sorts of grief but I did not and will forever from now on.
This is a birthday gift for my beloved sister. I knew what she had in mind before I started to knit this and when I finished I realized much to my chagrin that it would disappoint her. Like the long nogging tuque. Or the red cable hat everybody wondered why she wore every day...ahem.
This pattern says the scarf is a 62 inch dragon. When I finished, I had a measly 38 inches. The head was so small it looked like a purple rat. That was when I called my sister and confessed what I was up too. She had already guessed anyways. No surprise. That is what I get for buying her tarot cards 10 years ago. The woman knows everything.
So I frogged the dragon and inspired myself with Jurassic Park to get me in the mood for a re-knit. I upped the needle size from 4mm to 6mm...this time it was gonna be longggg. The first version used up half the yarn and I wanted to use up every inch of it so I took some ravelry advice and made extra bumps along the way. It worked out beautifully.

I am very pleased with this and have opted for some hand stitched eyes because my sister wanted red eyes to go with the whole dragon-lady beware look. Done. I think it is marvelous.
I must say, taking this picture of myself wasn't easy. All I could manage were shots of my double chin... I can't tell you how many deletes I hit.
It is over 5 feet long!Besides the frantic big needle knitting. I am happily seeing what I can do in the toe-up department. Last night I turned my first short-row heel. Not bad at all. I think I could get used to this. I must explain that I am using up little bits of different coloured sock yarn. A sock of many colours or a tribute to Dolly Parton? A crazy-quilt sockette.
I am eagerly waiting for the post-man these days. I ordered a mother load of goodies including replacement circular needles for my sheep vest. Somebody chewed my old one (which was new!). The new minous have been offered new accommodation in the heated workshop. They can come back when they grow up and stop climbing curtains and eating my needles.