Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy birthday Pounie!

I can't remember if she is 7 or 8 today (I am a terrible mother) but I do know it is Pounie's birthday. We adopted her as a year old dog from a family in Gatineau. She came to us when the clover fields were blooming and I will never forget the first time she ran through the flowers, popping up here and there. She had a big smile on her face.

I am feeling much better although behind in my housework and cooking to the point of not knitting too much. HD is now under the grippe. I warned him of the stages...1) you get the aches 2) you get the chills 3) you get sweats. Nothing a little wool can't cure.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I couldn't help it...

I finished the cat hat and added a needle felted cat face using the last string of gray yarn left over from the matching scarf. My girls are crazy in love with the needle felting technique. It is easy and fun.
The hat is knit in the round in garter stitch until I thought I might run out than I knit 2 together for two rows and with a darning needle I threaded the remainder of the stitches with the end of the yarn and pulled it tight. I stuffed the hat with a towel so it would stretch to its wearable size and needle felted the design free hand. The whiskers are a small piece of yarn I untwisted. I held the three plies close together and needle felted the middle leaving the six ends loose to be the whiskers.
Because we all have a soar throat and cough I decided to give Pepper her scraf right away. She was really happy and I think it made her feel a whole lot better. I was itching to take a picture of this. Scratch off one finished Christmas present. Ahem.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fast Relief

Nothing like some new yarn to sooth a sick girl. Love this one! It's called Tide Pool by STR. Toe up socks, as it turns out, are fun and fiddly and I am getting such a kick out of knitting a toe. I keep looking at my sock and hope and wonder that I am going in the right direction. I guess I will get used to this. I am making this up as I go along. I realize now that I have no official idea how to turn a heel from the opposite direction. How hard can it be?
The kids and I have come down with a cold and I feel like a whithered fruit. I am looking for Fast Relief like the box says. Reading the last comments did me a lot of good. Great minds, great minds!
Thursday was a big day for Bergere. I had volunteered to walk for Cancer research with my kids school in remembrance of Terry Fox. Hooffin' her all the way and my son and his classmate talked my ear off. I came home with a blistered toe and the first aches and pains of my new cold but at least it was a really great cause and I have both legs to stand on. No complaining here. It made my son really happy to share this event with his Mum.
Oh yippee, the season started for ER and Grey's Anotomy last night... It was tough staying up and waiting to take my meds only after it was over so I wouldn't pass out. In front of said T.v., I knit a new bump on my secret project than realized the pattern had a mistake so I frogged that bump, inserted the missing step and re-knit the bump again. The colour is not true in this photo. I work on a budget.
Today is yet another PD day for the kids. We had one last friday too. At least this week we are too sick to attend class anyways. So, HD took a half day off work to take Gazou (he is feeling better now) and a friend out on the bay for the afternoon. Us sickos in the house appreciate them taking off while we toast under our quilts and drink hot lemon and honey, eat cheezies and sip on gingerale.
If I feel better, I might start to spin again. HD asked me a few days ago; when would I start to spin again? God bless him for asking because this means if I do spin he won't complain that the house is messy and dinner is leftovers...
The idea is to make yarn from Frieda's fleece to knit the top down sweater. This will take me years but what he doesn't know is fine with me.
Pass the kleenex. Ah crap, I forgot to buy some.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

toe up, top down and bumps all over

I have been meaning to try toe up socks. This is my first toe! I am also studying how to knit sweaters from the top down. I am basically going where Bergere has not gone before. Lookout!

I finally took a picture of my fowl friends. It was rather dim in the Bergerie/hen house but they looked so cute settling in for a siesta.
I went for a walk through the yard and found a lovely bush of flowers. The bees were quite delighted with this plant. I have no idea what it is but it is beautiful.
I am knitting this yarn these days. I am making something special for a very clever girl which involves making 'bumps' and that is all I can say. Fun project that I can't broadcast just yet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I played a little trick on my camera (fired my photographer) and used the zoom instead of the close-up feature and got a better photo of my knitting. That and a little sunshine helped.
I love this yarn. A very Yarn Harlot friendly colourway. Pepper's winter coat is brown with blue accents so I think this should work. I am hoping that I don't run out of yarn because I really find this hat fetching. I love reclycling the leftover yarn instead of archiving it forever in my yarn box.

Cat all wrapped up

Voilà! What a fun knit. Kinda expensive when you think about it. Not too much knit for your buck but you have lots of left over worsted weight orange to make a matching hat. I have cast this on and am hoping it fits.

Sort of fun to take this picture with a "cat curled up on the couch" effect. It is very fetching. I am sure Pepper will love it! (sorry my camera is taking poor pictures lately. It could be the photographer!)

P.S. looks like I scared away all my beloved commenters. Believe me, I wasn't threatening to send you all unwanted acrylic!! I will send my bag of unwanted icky yarn to the friperie if I have too. Please come back : )

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visiting my stash

I started something new and fun to work on yesterday. It is my new kit from Morehouse farm. I have been seeing the ads in knitting magazines for ever so long and I finally caved in this summer. Pepper loves cats and for many reasons we don't have one but my heart aches a little because I wish I could give her the perfect pet. I don't like to buy stuffed animals because they collect dust and end up in the shed when I get sick of lifting them off the floor. I thought she would get more use out of a cat wrap (tabby) she could wear in cool weather. I hope I can save this present for Christmas!
This yarn is bulky. The needles are the biggest I have ever used. In fact, when I read the pattern I had to puzzle for a minute. I am a metric gal and the pattern is american... I fetched my Ultimate Vogue knitting tome to check the conversion. I gasped to realize I needed 9 mm needles. Geez Louise, do I have 9 mm needles?? I bought a box full of needles at a flea market many years ago and it has my back in all knitting situations.This season, the executive committee of the Ottawa Knitting Guild has decided upon a mitten challenge. I have never participated in these challenges (three so far since I have become a member). The lovely prizes given to the winners always make me wish I had at least tried. So this year, I hope to get my mittens done in time. I can't stop thinking about the "let it snow" mittens in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. I had not noticed them there until Nicole pointed them out to me. I have blue and white mitten yarn in my stash so I think the stars have aligned.
I have visited my stash this morning trying to find my blue yarn. I went through the whole thing and made a pile of yarn I don't want anymore. Most of this is baby Astra I got on sale. If anyone wants this, please leave a comment and it is yours!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

click click click

Who boy, another wip off the needles. I am on fire. Ravelry will be wondering what has come over me. Trenchy goes to school today. Ivy has struck it rich in knitwear this week. It is cool outside this morning...great timming if I do say so myself.

This morning, it is a cool 1 degree celsius (forgive me, I cannot find the symbol for degree, help!) It was a full moon last night in a crispy clear sky. It wanted to freeze but it did not.

The night before, a wicked wind was blowing hard outside and our dog was nervous and cold. She click, click, clicked all over the main floor for part of the night. She then came into our bedroom and paced there for a while too. Suffice it to say, she kept us awake. I made a decision to set up her crate in the kitchen last night. Lock her up. We put her bed inside and a wool blanket over the crate to trap the heat. After the wee folk were put to bed last night, we were sitting around the kitchen table and all you could hear was Zzzzzzzzzzz from inside the cage.

Poune slept all day yesterday, all night last night too. Lucky bitch. But, we slept very well ourselves and guess what time it was when I poured my first cuppa? 04h35! I finished my lace scarf waiting for the sun to come up. It was lovely. I wish I could do this more often. Call me this afternoon around 16h and I will be singing another tune Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sir Swing Cardigan

Who needs satellite? There is enough nail bitting action by the sewing machine to keep me on the edge of my seat. I found it rather tricky to sew grosgrain ribbon to my fronts. I had accidentally stetched one side longer than the other. Gulp. I ripped it out and tried again.

Making button holes is definitely a cousin to steeks. I was sweating and short of breath doing this part. I made a few mistakes and thankfully the ribbon saved the day. I did not even know I could rip out a buttonhole never mind a buttonhole on a piece of knit fabric.

The pattern calls for three buttons and I ended up buying four and assumed I would use the four just because but after making three (5) buttonholes that matched I thought screw this...I know why this pattern calls for three!
I made myself a template of my buttonhole that I positioned to guide me.

After all is done, I decided to give this cardi to Ivy for school. She loves black and it fits her so well.

I think I will someday make myself another one as a medium in either black or winter white or both! I want to work on my mattress seaming. This is me not winning them all but I did manage to complete my summer cardigan before fall...
My sheep vest is next...before winter!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sam & Sue were there

Here I am unpacking my knits for the Vogue Magazine event held at the lovely Canadian Museum of civilisation in Gatineau Québec last night. Ivy came with me and we had lots of fun admiring all the beautiful crème de la crème knitting on display by all the lovely and cool knitters from the Ottawa Knitting Guild. (I saw one man among us which I think is grand) I saw some familiar faces and friends. We toured the Québec folk art exhibit. We had a cuppa tea and some earring shopping. I love this boutique; where else can you buy moose earrings? I heart moose!

I tacked in even more ends of Sir swing cardi while local designer Sally Melville spoke to us about embracing change. I have no problem with change such as: summer ending and the kids are back at school, thus I get to have the serenity of an hour of quiet knitting at 14h everyday.
Sam the ram and Sue the ewe were there! Aren't they magestic? I sooo have to fork over the dollars to buy these patterns. Now that my sheperding has left the building, it might be nice to have a small flock of 'silent' sheep. They are way less smelly and eat much less hay. Looking on the bright side of things as usual.

A trip to the museum would not be complete without a quick trip to the third floor to visit the Wildcat Café exhibit that HD built back in the day (10 years I think). I remember him pouring over the plans and pictures of the original WildCat café of the Yukon. He nearly went nuts trying to build a crooked log building instead of his usual perfectionism in standard. We are very proud of his accomplishment, it looks great!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No where near the end of the ends

I had a dental appointment today and treated myself to a shopping free afterwards. I haven't had much of a good retail therapy session since last Spring.
That and the new bed I sleep in now...I am a new girl!
I decided upon these buttons for Sir Swing Cardi.
I miss my lovely button store we used to have here in Buckingham...sniff.
I found some black grosgrain ribbon for the button band. I have to sew button holes with a sewing machine for this project. I thought this was an interesting aspect. I was grateful to find some time to tack in ends on my sweater while waiting for Dr Tran today. No where near the end of the ends. I am blogging instead of tacking too. Sigh. I may not have this done for the Vogue Event tomorrow.
Lo and behold I found 5 meters of a black Toile de Jouy fabric today. Ivy went nuts when I got home. The whole point of buying it really. She has been coveting this fabric for months. I can't believe I found some today!! I still have to manage a backing piece of fabric to the duvet cover I promised to make. I hope to find something less expensive yet classy.

I still have curtains to concoct$$$. Would you believe I did not shop any yarn store today? All day I kept hoping to find a new one along my way. It's a disease.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess and the pea

We decided to redecorate our bedroom. We bought a new mattress at the end of August and instead of receiving it immediately, we decided to hold off on the delivery and paint the room first. We arranged to have the mattress delivered on the 4th. I worked like mad right up to noon on the 4th to have everything done like dinner. They never showed up.

Thus, we have been sleeping on the couch for days. At first, I joked about it being like a camping trip seeing how we never go on any holiday or trip because HD works like a fiend. His boss is relentless. He's self employed.

I spent three days like a prisoner in my own home waiting by the window for the delivery truck to turn up. Umpteen phone calls later, they finally decided I was such a pain in the arse, they had better send someone over here printo.

Meet my new cloud number nine...

Last night, I made a cup of tea and fetched my Latvian mittens book and curled up for a good night in my own bed at last. HD is away on business and I had the bamboo sheets to myself. Ahhhh.

I am frantically sewing up Sir Swing Cardi. I have a million ends because my Callista yarn had several knots per ball. I am delighted that the first sleeve fit. I was afraid the armpit was too tight. Tomorrow I will buy some grosgrain ribbon for the button band.

Our new chickens have started to produce a handful of eggs per day. Everyday is like easter now. Each one is a slightly different colour and size. Yum they are so fresh and perfect. The hens have four boxes to lay their eggs yet they rather take turns and share the one box. I had to make three trips to the coop this morning to finish collecting all four eggs. I found out that chickens don't appreciate being watched while they lay eggs. Excuse me. They get all huffy and start clucking madly with eyes blazing. Better leave them alone...

I am in the mood to cook these days too. All the fresh eggs make for delicious recipes. I tried a baked squash dish and some homemade chocolate pudding from Cocoknits for tomorrows lunch boxes. Thanks Nicole!

And guess who I found looking out the window this afternoon? My dog can tell time. She gets the left over sandwich crusts and looks forward to the bus.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Curtain Call

I have been doing more decorating of my humble abode than knitting. sniff.
On one hand, I am thrilled to have a nice place when it is finished. (Having it tidy would be a bonus too.)
On the other hand, knitting is time consuming for me seeing how I knit everything three times before I get it right. Huff.
My bedroom is almost finished. Damn those twits that deliver furniture for not showing up here on Thursday...I lost three days so far over my new mattress. I will be writting a letter to the President. Watch if I don't score a nice new duvet cover at the end of this...The Lord provides.
My old cheap faded plastic blinds just won't do anymore either. This fact, HD had to admit to me when I innocently asked him to put them back up, (holding my breath.) It was obvious to him too. Thank God.
I found a cheap but cute cutain rod yesterday that will look devine with some new curtains. I loath the idea of sewing curtains. Meters of fabric give me the hibijibies. (how do you spell that anyways?) I am pressed for space to lay it all out and cut it straight and all that math. yikes. Not for me thank you.
Knitting curtains would be way more my style. Knitting them three times would take me too long. My new attempt at lace looks so pretty in the window though. For the record, this is only my second time knitting it this far. I can learn.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The old gray mare
She lived in a river boat...

Sivia Harding
The little leaf lace scarf that I've decided to name...Trenchy.

A good beginners lace. I think lace gives this colourway a little nod in the right direction.

I was making good time until I turned the page in my book and started to follow the chart instead of the written instructions. Now I have several missing stitches. Doh! Now, how did I manage that?

I am making this to tuck around Ivy's neck when she wears her new trench coat.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The real Dog Days

The only sounds here are the ceiling fan, the washing machine and the traffic outside. I have the t.v. to myself. I have the lunch menu to myself. I found the floor a few minutes ago. I wouldn't home school if you paid me!