Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I miss the blog, the chart & Ravelry. I am so busy with my school work that a week has slipped by and not a stitch or even a swatch.

My brain is on auto-pilot. Last night I dreamed I was shopping for wool but couldn't find what I wanted. I know what Freud would say!

The 'lily of the valley' is thought to bring 'good luck'.

This is a blurry shot but I have some growing in my garden.

I need some luck because my school work is kicking my butt. It makes my 'chart' seem like a 10 piece 3+ puzzle!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Impeccable french

My first assignments finally arrived from cégep@distance and I am thus spending every quiet moment reading and writing. Not much time left to think of knitting or blogging but a few rows of fair-isle last weekend. I forgot to make a colour change (I blame Johnny Depp) and the idea of frogging those rows was overuled by my brain needing all its strength for 'impeccable french'.

Believe it or not but I have startitis about something I never thought I would. I admit I have a burning urge to knit a dishcloth! Not just any dishcloth. I prefer to think of it as a bath accessory. I found a stitch in my ancient harmony guide that I think will lend itself nicely for my easy-on-the-brain knitting. The coton I have is a light green from my stash from about 8 years ago and the stitch title is 'tweed Stitch' which reminds me of a tight woven fabric. A swatching I will go!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bonne Fête Chloé!

Quel âge as-tu vieille tortue?

8 Ans!

My happy little knitter...she carries her knitting around in this bag on her shoulder.

We love you sweet pea!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bergère On Tour

I had the pleasure of visiting with two kindergarten classes today to talk about my sheep, spinning and knitting.
Here I am with both groups in my sons class.

Back in September, I volunteered to visit and talk about my passion for wool. This month the kids are learning all about mammals and my presentation tied in nicely with the theme.

I prepared a slide show they could enjoy on the big screen all about the bergerie and the flock. The sheep were an instant hit! Everyone loved Koonie's goofy face and 'Fraise' was voted most popular lamb of 2008.
Here the children are about to watch the slide show. My first attempt at Power Point and I must say it was really cool. The kids were polite and genuinely interested in all I had to share. Nobody died of bordom. Yay!

Here is part of my display of wool in various stages of transformation. The kids loved to feel the different kinds of fiber I presented and right away they noticed the wool fumes.

All the fleece is clean but it has a distinct smell in a hot room and they noticed it. I wonder how many knitters I met today? This memory might trigger an urge to knit later in life.

When I began to spin, the room came to complete silence. (I think the school board should invest.) The children were so impressed with my wheel! I must say, the tiny chair was just the right size for the job. I am smaller than some kids in the school.

This is my second presentation to kids this week. I had camnesia the first time and the workshop was a little different involving felting and dressing up like a pioneer... I hope to get that picture from Lynda next time she emails me. That's another story for another post.
P.S. A big 'Merci' to Sandrine whom emailed me just in time with the french word for 'Lazy Kate'.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

On second thought

I came to terms with the fact that I don't have ribbing to tubular cast-off.
So on second thought, I am attempting a hem.
I had a glorious few rows of fair-isle this morning with my hot coffee. I live for days like today.

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bo Peep envy

I thought I would try to shear the sheep myself and it is working! They love it. I managed to snip off the heavy coat of wool by using my sewing scissors. It is really easy and I got two sheep done before lunch today.

Now I can save a little money on wool costs.

I have no reference material in my cupboard about 'tubular cast-off'. How did I manage that? I googled and found this really cool blog called TECHknitting. Okay, so now I am back on track.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I could use an extra hand.

Poonie looks cross but the serious face is only because I told her sit and stay when she was trying to lick me for getting so close to the floor.

She wonders if Ravelry's 'Bob' is into voluptuous girls?

It is really tricky to take a picture of knitting when you don't have a model of the proper caliber.
I was hoping to zoom in on the stitches. I am rather pleased that it is so smooth for homespun by a novice.

I am designing this piece of knitting by the seat of my pants. I don't have the recipient here to fit since he is a few hours away. My HD has much bigger hands than my father so I can't get him to try them on. I hope the thumb hole is okay.

Now I need to find a 'how-to' on tubular cast-off. I would like to cast-off in a neat way to match the tubular beginning.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Some love from my back yard

A row a day keeps the Blogging away. I have some lovely decreases on my very first attempt at steeks in the arm department. The tiny armhole is normal (I double checked this with Lucy Neatby) for anyone that doesn't realize there will be some scissor action before I wear this baby. Ah the joy of steek! Makes me wanna Visa my way through Alice Starmore's Virtual Yarns website. My birthday IS coming up in July in case anyone has a burning desire to make my year. Hello?

I cast on a little something new this week-end. Remember my new homespun yarn? I am using it to make fingerless glove/wrist warmers for my Papa. He has been very sick and has trouble keeping warm.

I have left nature untouched in the yard so it is a little wild at the moment...too busy fair-isling don't you know.

I got most of this knit today while in line to see my family doctor. I was the only one waiting without any complaining. One lady joked that I would have a pair of socks before getting an appointment! Other people were too busy cell phoning the front desk from the back of the line. snicker.

Here is a look at the front with the steek up the middle. This also will witness some scissor action before this becomes a vest. Get out the blender and tequila honey. I am almost done.

I want to thank everyone that leaves comments. I so love comments! I had some new visitors and I am thrilled to bits. bisous!