Monday, December 22, 2008

Sparks flyin'

The sunshine was glorious this morning. A relief to be honest after all that stormy weather. I have been waiting for a nice day to take a picture of my next pinwheel yarn. Len was nearby when I started arranging my skeins on the snowbank.
Len: what are you doing?
Me: I am taking a picture of my new yarn
Len: (pause) On the snow bank?
Me: ...To get the best light. To capture the colour of the wool...
Len: (sarcasmic relief) Oh okay, so you're not a 'Nut-case'
Just because I was outside taking silly pictures...I love this wood pile. Man, I plan on burning up alot of this stuff while we try to stay warm cause it's freezing these days.
Too cold in fact for me to venture too far down the trail. The wind was blowing to and fro making sparkles dance everywhere. I hope I've captured the essence here.
I found the kittens were happily sunning themselves early today. Feeling sort of frisky...

A 'stray' has taken up office in Len's atelier. I have concluded that it is a 'she'. She has finally adopted us. Now she comes over to be cuddled and allows my husband to bring her in the shop at night. She rather likes her warm bed. We have named her 'Leah'.
Hovering -22C this evening. The wood burning cookstove is humming. The cats have moved indoors for the night.
I have been cranking away at the rib warmer. I so blew the birthday deadline. This is not going forward but I think I have knit two rib warmers worth buy now... I ran out of yarn. I managed to get to the LYS and forgot the ball band at home and took a wild guess. My colour is 700 and the ball I came home with is 733. Oh the joy. I have decided to frog and start over to work in the new colour like I meant it. I am starting to wish I could start a new project and put the rib warmer under the sofa to keep the sheep vest company ran out of yarn there too but I have no time to play games with reality so click on sister.
On that note, please have a peek at the video I watched today over at The Fabric of Her Reality. I would love to post it here since it so appropriately sums up my rib warmer episode but I don't know the ethics of such things so just visit Susan and come back laughing. I'll wait here.
Okay, so now you know what I'm dealing with over here on my needles. How about you?
The blogs have been so quiet. I moose you.I have a homespun lilac coloured new knit almost ready for sharing here but I have to covertly felt it. It is the last touch to Peppers gift this Christmas. I am very pleased with this little number...stay tuned!I have been thinking about 2009. I have so many wishes for next year knits. I want to try Double Knitting a throw. I am craving some crochet lace for my kitchen but it takes up precious knitting I care? And would somebody please tie-up Norah Gaughan, for the love of wool, because she keeps publishing these sweaters I have no choice but add to my queue... I really hope she goes on a long vacation just to let me catch up. Hiccup. I am so in love with Surface and the Rosebud Cardigan. It hurts.


Paula said...

I'm glad you have such a lovely pile of wood to keep you warm. It was bitterly cold this morning. The kittens don't seem to mind a romp in the sun, but I am glad your stray comes in at night.

Anneh said...

Bon courage! You can make it with those projects of yours...just keep it up!

nicole said...

Oh no! Did I read right, you've run out of wool for your beautiful fair-isle sheep vest????? What are you going to do?

I'm breathless just reading about all that's going on over there. Sounds like the house could be warmed up by your energy alone, never mind the wood fire.

Now stop reading, and get back to the needles. I'll do the same...

Joyeux Noël, my dear.

Susan said...

The Rosebud is lovely.... hmmm.
The video I posted on my site came from Youtube... there's a link to embed it in to your site right there. That means... help yourself! :)

Lucette said...

Brave of you to go out yesterday in the super cold. As for Norah G, I think she has a team of elves to knit up those fabulous sweaters.

Jean said...

The cardigan is really a beauty and I think I want one. Your photos are chilling! BRRRR! If you would like to warm up a little I just posted a few garden photos from my outdoor activities this weekend. Take Care and Stay Warm.