Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas Bergère...

I took yesterday evening off from knitting since I wanted lots of daylight to attempt my very first steek technique and my other current project is a secret from HD. He was watching the game while we put up the tree.
So, I kicked back with a pile of December issues of Marie Claire Idées from my cupboard to try and conjure up some 'spirit' of which I have none so far this season.
Joy to the world.

This afternoon the sun was gloriously shinning onto to kitchen table so, I steeked.

Not sure if anyone else does this but I stitched a red line of thread to guide my scissors. Very helpful indeed and I highly recommend it.

After everything was successfully snipped and I tried on the vest to my complete surprise. It fits! Poune had to have a little lay-down after the

scissor part...

Meanwhile, I am doing a snoopy dance all over the house. It fits. Merry Christmas Bergère. 'tis the season after all...for miracles that is!


Jean said...

The vest is FAB!!! I would wear it in an instant, I love the colors and the pastoral scene. By the way I just found out that my beloved knitting store will be going to entrance by appointment only and will be mostly on the web (I am so sad) due to the medical needs of a family member. Now the nearest decent store is about 30 miles away! (they are also quite snobby there)

Hilary said...

Congratulations! Ones first steek is, I believe, a major milestone. Congrats on the good fit, too! It really looks fantastic.

nicole said...

Hip hip, hurray!!!!

Now quick, finish it!

Jean said...

I am trying to learn French and thought it would be fun to read (attempt at least) some French knitting magazines, would you happen to know the name of any?