Saturday, December 13, 2008

Journey to the trail

Woke up to -30C. With my first coffee I started a pair of grey mittens. This is homespun 'Jacob' fleece in a rather chunky wt. I am using 4.5mm needles for firm fabric. My own pattern. These will be for my son. I have had it with trying to dry his 'Hot Paw' thermal gloves and mitts. They remain soaking wet and useless unless I roast them on a rack in the open wood burner oven for hours. Real wool is the best of the best for a boy- I realize. Luckily, he has not lost enough mittens to be banned from homespun/hand knit gifts. In fact, he is thrilled these are for him. I love his appreciation for my knitting, bless him. I cross my fingers I have enough of this ball...

I am so excited that Hubness has groomed my ski trails early this year. I thought I would take along my digital camera to capture the lovely snow we have here. I am afraid it might melt away early next week so I enjoyed every minute of my afternoon alone in the wilderness.
At the far end of our property is a long hill, a small field and then the bay. It is a swamp in warm weather but a real playground in winter. The bay freezes before the actual river. When we are lucky, we get some fabulous ice skating done sometimes even before Christmas. Len invented a groomer for blazing ski trails in the wooded area which is perfect for ski and snowshoeing where the wind in less harsh. The neighbours all join in on the fun and usefulness of these paths for walking dogs and getting some exercise.

This is the first year I have been able to ski along the trail before Christmas and to my joy, I discovered the path is in fact decorated for the holidays. Everywhere hangs lovely red berries in big clusters. I have never seen so many! Are they usually all eaten over the holidays by the visiting animals?

I found a flock of beautiful birds feasting on the berries and singing a lovely song. I want to look this up in my bird book. They were gorgeous. I wish I had a National Geographic-worthy lens on a big camera for occasions like this.

Every year the storms and beavers knock down trees that Len cuts and bring home for fire wood. It is too bad this rather pretty tree fell over. It is one of my favorites. Picture perfect in all weather.

When I ski I prefer to wear a pair of grey homespun mittens my Mum knit for me. She gave me these when I was in grade 6! They have always been oversized but oh so warm and cozy.The cluster of berries pictured here clicked like marbles in my hand... So pretty!!
Apparently, we have a couple of wolves that live in these woods. My husband sees them every year. He says they are mates. When he was last on the trail, they were hunting muskrat and were startled by the skidoo and dashed off at a crazy speed. I hope I catch a far away glance of them this year. So far all I ever find are the many tracks. Last year, I found a fresh turd with fur still visible in it. As long as I don't find a turd with woolly mitt pieces!!
This must be a favorite play ground...Good night dear Mr. & Mrs. Wolf.


Sue said...

Bonjour! Those lovely birds are called Cedar Waxwings or perhaps Bohemian Waxwings, hard to tell in the photo. lovely photos by the way! Love Pounie's booties. Keep knitting!

Lucette said...

Aline you live in such beauty. And I like the homespun mitts, they should be warm and comfy.

Susan said...

I am deeply envious of the tranquility on your doorstep. When we moved to Ottawa, I sold my acreage in the woods... and miss it every day. Enjoy it for the both of us, please! :)

Nicole said...

Wow, your very own ski trails? My idea of heaven.

And I agree with Sue, the bird looks like a Cedar Waxwing.

Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland, complete with lovely Christmas "decorations".

Jean said...

The area you live is so so lovely, your photos were such a treat for me,(I just spent 1.5 hours to get home from LA traffic). I love the description when you said the berries clicked like marbles in your hands. Isn't nice when others appreciate your knitting, you are so fortunate to have a son like that, what a special boy. Thank you for an enjoyable post.

Mirjana said...

Lovely pictures.We haven't snow in Croatia yet, it is raining every day.

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

What beautiful pictures Aline! -30 temperatures and Im moaning about being cold!!!! Brrrrrr. Mind you it must be fab having a real reason to knit all the time, Id like that! I look forward to the finished mittens picture. I must finish a pair for my Nephew tommorow and start on his little brothers then. Boring double knit for mine...
Burning the midnight oil..
Ren xxxx