Friday, December 5, 2008

Head in the clouds

I am supposed to be sneaking my birthday present knitting whenever the going is good but yesterday I had a sudden need to work on my magnum opus.
You see, I realized the decreases were done like dinner and I had an epiphany. What if I were to finish my fair-isle sheep vest within the same year I started?
So I am serving salad for meals until I get out of the cloud part of the picture on this knit.
I am also trying to turn the first corner on my rib warmer out of necessity and realize I am not sure I know what I am doing. The instructions are so basic I am surely going to complicate things and end up turning a heel.


Lucette said...

The fair isle looks great, and I am looking forward to seeing you wear it.

Susan said...

Your sheepish vest is indeed lovely, and I expect to see it at a guild show and tell soon! (All right... not Monday, but perhaps in January?)
I always over-think patterns, too... I'm sure I'd turn a heel in the middle of the rib warmer, too. *grins* Not everything needs to be complicated, you know.