Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy K & P 2009

My sister put together a scarf kit for me this Christmas. She had no way of assuming that the tea set I was getting from HD was the same green. And the Norah Gaughan Vol. 3 I have so long been coveting....A signed copy!! I had to sit down on the floor...

This is what you get for being alpaca/bamboo in my hands...A little lovin'!

It is officially 2009 today. We had our last holiday party yesterday. Here I am wearing my 'Kingston' cardigan that I was knitting last year at the Conroy family party. It is nice to have a picture of this one (finally) thanks to my sons loose with my camera in the house...
I think he has a future in fashion photography. Besides taking a picture of his Aunts toilette, he caught a cute shot of Chloé's new skirt as she spun it around for the hundredth time.
The New Year brings a fresh wish list of things to dream and knit. This morning I read through this relic of mine to find a pattern to make my Papa some new gloves.

I am enjoying this new-to-me brand of sock yarn. Just now in the afternoon sunshine, I have cast-on a glove. My first glove ever. My first cast-on in 2009. Wish me luck! This year is all about the new. I think I will cast-on everything I want to knit up in the house. Make little baskets ready for the inspiration/time to be right. A square of wool here and a row or two of sock there. Cable a repeat now and mindless garter mileage while the water boils then...
I hope the New Year is full of happy moments. Time to excercise and time to rest. Time to love those people you can't live without. You know who you are.xx
Get organized and make the best of every moment. Take nothing without giving twice as much.
Besides, 9 is my favorite 'chiffre'. Let it be a great one.

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nicole said...

Well said, Aline!

Bonne Année!!!