Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Gatsby Headband

Poune has new winter boots to go with her new coat.
She LOVES them. It is totally freakin' hilarious to witness on the kitchen floor as the rubber clings to the floor and the dog takes extra high steps for each leg. Out in the yard, the soles are less gripping and she feels like one of the kids. She is now getting her 'sea-legs'.
I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Good for the soul.

Ivy had her long hair cut over a month ago. I wish a hairstyle could give as much sophistication to old Mum. I'll give it another try tomorrow. Snip Snip.
My secret knitting continues; however Len has been hanging around quite a bit during storms and hockey matches which sent me to my cupboard to find something quick and dirty to knit at night
I had to find something small for in between restless knitting. I had a ball of delicious alpaca homespun 3 ply so I passed it through the yarn meter to discover I had 79.5 meters of this stuff. I connected to Ravelry and searched hats and found the free Drops 86-10 headband pattern that
calls for 77 meters. (I heart Ravelry). This was knit in an evening and I used some of the left over meters to crochet a flower. Then, I recycled some pearly beads and voilà! This is so cozy and buttery soft I want to wear it all day in the house. It reminds me of The Great Gatsby and the awesome outfits of the roaring '20s.
Covers up bad hair very well too.

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Jean said...

How precious little Poune is, with your vivid description of her walk, I could picture her paddling about the kitchen. I like this headband and think the flower with the beads is the perfect touch. By the way thanks for the Marie Claire Idee suggestion. I am trying to see if there is a store in the USA that carries it, Amazon got very bad ratings on delivering the magazine, so I hope to find another source.