Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chez 'Switzerland'

My son is a very happy man. He is wearing his lovely new mittens. I spun the wool myself for these. My very first consistant 69 grms of grey wool from back in the day. At the time, I was using my Mums Lendrum wheel that I kept when she passed away in 1994.
This fleece was given to me by a good friend that shared her wool and taught me how the use my Mums wheel and spin!...that is something remarkable in itself all the history behind these mitts. With this fleece, I learned how to process greasy smelly fleece from start to finish. What a lovely process indeed. I had just enough to finish this pair. Meant to be.
The lanolin made my fingers shine as I knit these and I had to sneak them away from Gage in order to wash, block and dry on a rack over the wood burning stove to 'Rush' them into use.
Gage says they are the warmest mitts ever.
With the wee folk home for several weeks, I spread out the events of Christmas and New Years to make the fun last longer for everyone and the stress minimal. We had a lovely visit with Papa on Christmas Day. It was in fact 'his most miserable Christmas ever' until we showed up. Poor dear. I am eternally grateful that we were able to spend it with him to ease the misery. The weather permitted the long drive for us and no one had the flu to keep us away from him. A miracle. We are perpetually sick at Christmas.
I cooked our Turkey and Tourtière feast on Sunday. My sister came over to help and spend some time off together. She had a good time 'keeping the stove going' just like Aunt Kate. We stuffed the rather sad looking bird and roasted it in the wood oven. It got so warm in the kitchen that Poune had to make some adjustments to her napping routine. Kept her belly cool on the floor with only her head in soft bed! Small price to pay for what came next. Lots of yummy turkey and meat pie. I moved her bead to the family room but she prefers to be near the stove.

The Sound of Music movie was featured on T.V. that night and we curled up to watch it together.

On Monday, I packed my knitting and left to go home with my Sister for a bit of a rest. My sisters appartment is husband and child free. We kept singing 'Edelweiss' and joking about our fleeing to the comfort of our very own 'Switzerland'. We shopped for yarn and bought some more. We ate our favorite dishes. We knit and we laughed. We had homemade scones with Creton from Charlevoix Qc for breakfast. A real good time for a couple of Québecoise ladies.
I am back home again with my new books, spices, beans and yarn. Ready and set for another year. We are off to spend New Years eve with my husbands sisters tomorrow.
p.s. I am still cranking out the rib warmer inspired vest. I have frogged this so many times that I might need new yarn because I've worn it out from ripping it so much. Some designer I turned out to be! I have finally got it looking good for a Dude. I realized only this morning what the real problem was. The corner on the original pattern is turned to fit over lady ribs. All this time I've been wondering why it kept looking like an empty boob. Then I saw a picture of someone wearing one and it occured to me. So I have heavily modified the corners to fit at the hips in a 90 degree fashion. It looks great now. No more empty boob. hee hee.


Jean said...

Poune is as adorable as ever - so full of personality. Sounds like a lovely time with your sister, always wished I had one. Your son has very good taste, the mittens are wonderful.

nicole said...

It sounds like you're having a lovely Christmas. "Switzerland" sounds lovely, I'd love to visit sometime!

Have a happy, happy new year! May 2009 bring love, health, laughs and happiness to you and yours!