Saturday, November 8, 2008

A year with Bergère de Lochaber

Laine de Bergère has had a great year with you!

Thanks to all who visit and a huge 'Merci' to those that totally make my day when you leave me a comment. hint. If you could see how happy I am to share my wool with you...


So far, this is what I have carded and spun from my 'Emma-Kounie' fleece stash. The darker batt on top is the precious ring of black she proudly wore around her dear sweet neck. I hope to knit the neck line of my intended sweater with it.

As I wash handfulls of smelly wool, I remember all the shades of Kounie's lovely coat; the lighter tuffs on the top of her back and the darker charcoal along her sides. All of which I am blending together to spin into a much loved piece of art. Like any fledgling spinner, I hope and pray to have enough...Remembering Kounie and her babe Mimosa... xxx I was up early today and couldn't wait to start this I-cord edging... Nothing like a Saturday morning to learn something new. I am smitten!

Now let's go have a beer. Cheers!


Paula said...

Happy Blogiversary, Aline! I hope there will be many more.

Elisabeth said...

Always a pleasure to read you. Keep up the good work!

nicole said...

Yay! Happy blogiversary sweet bergère!

Your fibre and spun yarn is incredibly beautiful. How special it must be to know the delightful animal that it came from!

Jean said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love the photo of your sheep, how sweet they are, it warms my heart and I am sure that your spinning will carry this energy and create another memory even more wonderful.

Femme du Monde said...

Happy Anniversary pet! Even though we talk everyday I love to read your blog and look at your pictures. I promise to finish my blog and hopefully will be able to share my weaving adventures. And to top it all off you are famous as Lene from Dances With Wool has mentioned you on her blog!!
Luv ya