Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet but sugar free 'cones'

I forgot all about the government holiday on the 11th. Blinded by the glow of my parcel notice and the infatuation that is alpaca induced. I made a special trip to town and jiggled the post office door in disbelief. It was locked and my yarn was inside... I pressed my nose up to the glass and scanned the dark back room hoping to see a cleaning lady...anybody?? Sigh. This can't be happening.
So today, I was thinking happily to myself over a really good turkey sandwich that yarn should have special rules about it.
Home delivery.
The kind when if you are not answering the door because your hair is soapy that the post man waits or lets the kids sign for you.
Ah, if I ruled the world...
This is a cone of 500gm gray Dk and 100grs of black lace wt. Yum! It is soooo soft.
I also purchased a card of available yarns... I am starting a collection of these cards for my cupboard. It helps me dream. Like I need help...snort. I already want some black dk. This picture will be handy for my close knitting friends that are anxious to see these colours. It's a dream collective.


Jean said...

I completely agree with your rules for yarn delivery, I would go even one step further- that they open on Saturdays so that us working folks can pick up our yarn and not have to get time off of work to get to the post office during the weekdays (I use vacation time). Most of the time I try to just have it delivered regular mail so they will leave it in my mail box. The lace weight yarn looks like it would make a lovely shawl and I find the yarn card a delight, it really does let your mind wander - thinking of all its possibilities.

nicole said...

Oh, I have the perfect mental image of you, sad at the post-office. Poor Aline.

Though not really, cause look at your nice loot!

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

J'aime beaucoup l'alpaga, tu va te régaler ! Quant à la toison de Kounie, elle a l'air superbe.