Thursday, November 20, 2008

so sad when that happens...

I have put it off for a long time. It is never easy to say goodbye. We were getting along so very well together. We nearly made it to our first anniversary first FO which made me a little sad to see it all come to an abrupt end. The little teeth of kittens cut the life of my first 3mm knitpicks circular short.
Today, my vest had an out patient surgery to remove the obstructive cable from the well snagged Sheltand. No I don't watch too many Grey's Anatomy and ER episodes... I had no insurance on this so, I had to operate myself. Good practice of scissor skills snipping in between the lovely stitches of my Grand-Amour Sheep Vest. The wool couldn't slide either way over the sharp and bumpy chews of the mangled cable. I had to snip away pieces of the nylon cable in between caught stitches. That cable is harder to snip than it looks. I half wanted to shout 'CLEAR!' before each incision...snort
I am ready for steeking now, honey!
I am left with the remains of perfectly good tips that I hate to trash. Any suggestions as to what they could become? I wonder if I could melt the cable into a smooth join for future swatching. hum...
I tacked in the final end of my Pinwheel for baby yesterday. I gave it a bath today and here is the proof.
This is so easy to knit it might be a sin. You can make it any size without even turning on a calculator.
The world needs more of this kind of joy.
I should say that the baby this gift is intended for was born safe and sound on November 14th. Meghanne was 6lbs 8 oz and is baby number 6 for the Blanc family. Wow. Congratulations Anne, Pierre, Marie-Pier and the four boys. (Marie-Pier is my daughters best friend, I don't remember what the other boy names are...oops).

I made one mod for this pattern. I decided to add some Barbara Walker lace cuffs. I found this cuff pattern in Spin Off magazine Winter 2007 page 47. I've been dying to add it to something. It attached much the way I-cord is knit to the edge of knitting. Fun !
Bergère is packing bags for a getaway. I am so excited because I get to spend the weekend at the Château Montebello with my Sister.
Her office Christmas party was held there last year and they decided to do it again this year. It's an overnighter. Sign me up!
Last year, I was the only one there with a sock-in-toe so, I have suggested others bring knitting to enjoy by the fireplace too.
So we have declared a Knit-Out. Teaching everyone how to make a pair of mittens on two needles.
We should have a blast. I can hardly wait!
So this brings me to thinking about what other knitting I should pack for this trip. I decided to pack my Sheep Vest and enjoy a special reunion with this project. A really good incentive to face the fair-ilse that was; only to have a mistake on one side and thus frogged for a re-knit causing all sorts of commotion in the delicate balance of my queue.
Should the fair-isle be too difficult on the eyes, I will also bring with me the Quiver sweater I am designing for Poune.
Then it occured to me. I won't miss the sink. I won't miss the kids. I won't miss HD (he is away alot anyway) but maybe I should call the Château and ask them what the policy is on Dogs...Hum...?


Susan said...

I'm all disgruntled that you didn't invite me to the knit out... er, party, at the Chateau! Deeply envious, I am, and wishing you an amazing time there. :)

Jean said...

Oh, I do hope you can take the dog, I travel with my dogs and they love it. The garment for the baby is wonderful and I'm sure the baby will truly enjoy being wrapped in its warmth. The weekend sounds incredible, a time to enjoy the company of other knitters and hopefully your adorable dog too.

nicole said...


Have a great time at the Chateau. I've always wanted to stay there. Sitting in front of the fire knitting sounds heavenly.

Circular needle, RIP.

The baby sweater is too cute!

Hilary said...

Oooh, I gasped when I read about your "surgery"!! I would just die. Could you cut off all the remaining cord and make them straight needles? Are they long enough?

Verrry nice new sidebar! Now who gave you that fabulous idea....? ;)

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Impressionnant le câble cassé !