Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quiver Sweater

I couldn't wait to first tack-in the ends on this one. I had to post this.Seriously, do you really expect me to 'block' a dog sweater?

My first design, knit from the top down, I am so pleased. I made short sleeves with a rim to match the garter stitch rim at the bottom.

Poune wants to know when did she get so freakin' famous?
I think she is glad its over really...

She is making a mental note here that the flashing light thingy is the first thing to bury in the backyard tomorrow at 06h.


Jean said...

Your pup is probably thinking "At last a sweater worthy of me" and you're right she is probably is trying to figure out how to bury your camera. Amusing post!

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Thank you for the comment Aline!
Just looked at this..... I must not let Daisy Splodge see it or she will be placing an order for a christmas coat and Ive got too much to do as it is!!!!
He doesnt seem to be very happy about it! Maybe he wanted pink?? Hope you are well!
Feeling warmer this morning.....
Ren xxx

nicole said...

LOL, Poune is too cute!