Sunday, November 23, 2008

Must be doing something right...

My weekend getaway to the Château Montebello of course includes lots and lots of knitting! The girls I travelled with were casting-on during the commute from Ottawa to Montebello (about an hours drive). I live 20 minutes from the Château (lucky, I know...) so I had to make room in the trunk for my small overnight and two knitting bags. :) With a little luck and a good squeeze we shut the trunk. Ahem.

Most of the office was already checked in and having a grand time sipping cocktails in the Lounge by the time we arrived.
The knitters set up the mitten class pronto by the fireplace. Seating was at a premium so we ended up making a go of it without any lamps.

Lynn, Ip & Duey are here comparing ribbing results while a crowd of people started to gather around to see what we were up to...
Apparently, the men were very attracted to the knitting ladies. Too bad we are either spoken for or not interested!

I found a Hobbit Santa the same size as me in the dinning room. After we got over the sudden laughing fit when I pointed that out...we posed for a group photo. Duey, Ip, my sister Donna and me next to St- Nicky.

My new knitting friends Ip and Duey by the tree.
My sister Donna and I beside the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen!

Then there was the FOOD
Oh my Gosh, did we EAT! Everything is sooo delicious and abundant. All you could drink wine too. I like mine red thank you.
I made quick friends with Nicholas sitting beside me when I offered him half my steak. The portions are huge! One steak was enough for me after three entrés and dessert to come. We all had two steaks on our plates. Ahem.
The cutest couple of the night award goes to .... Mark and Tess! We always have a blast when they are around.

Sunday morning was divine with my fair-isle vest knitting in bed with coffee from room service. No kids around making messes or demanding meals, dishes and laundry...just hours of uninterrupted knitting. It doesn't get any better than this for me.
Ip finished her first mitten just after brunch. I believe we converted a few more people to the knitting community. Gave out directions to the best yarn stores around. I admired the two lovely guest dogs taking walks...I had to leave Poune at home. We couldn't bring both the dog and the knitting bags. Sorry Poune!

Can't visit Montebello without stopping to buy chocolat. A peace offering to my kids for letting me have time off. Thank you Len for washing the floor.XX


IP said...

blog mitten Montebello-->search
That's how I found your blog.

Me and Duye had a lot of fun there. Esp. learned how to knit a pair of mittens from you and Donna. ^^you guys are great teachers~<3

I'm going to link your blog to my blog, so I can check your updates e.g. your sheep vest.

** your dog, no wonder you miss her so much.


nicole said...

Looks like you had fun!

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Cela semblait être un très bon moment !!

Jean said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Knitting, chocolate and friends, who could ask for anything more.