Friday, October 24, 2008

Wool is my middle name

My first toe-up sockette is finished. I realize now I haven't kept proper notes on the first to make an identical pair. oops. I hate when that happens. That and I am using the same odd ball order but am taking the wool as it comes and getting different stripes too.

This being my first short row heel I am discovering the diverse heels of the knitting community. If you have a favorite please let me know. I am still trying to accept the fact that there will never be a heel flap. Get over it.

Then came time to cast off. I had to go hunting around for one that worked. Any suggestions?

Isn't it funny how you don't notice stuff about yourself? Ivy pointed out to me recently that if you pass the 'L' over the 'A' in my name, it spells 'Laine' (the french word for wool). I love it!


Lucette said...

Ivy is a very clever girl. And I like your sock a lot.

Susan said...

Sewn cast-off results in the stretchiest sock top. See

Here's a pattern for toes-up socks with a heel flap. You don't have to do without.