Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Fringe was on T.V. last night and the fresh falling snow was blocking our signal.

This is a snowy, we-haven't-removed-our-screens shot of my husband climbing onto the roof in a wind storm to wipe the receiver clean. His idea. What a lamb.
I have baked him a double order of 'surprise aux pommes' and I will hem those two pair of pants today. after I blog of course. cough.

No offense hon, but there are times when I hate having a sewing machine. Broken zips, hems and holes are not my idea of crafting. Groan. The things we do to please our handy man.

Man oh man was it windy last night! At one point I was certain my bedroom window would shatter. I snuggled deeper into the duvet and fell back to sleep trying to remember where my ice scraper was.

The storm brought with it a bonus day off of school for moi (not the kids, yay). My French tutor was without hydro and coping with a case of 'Swiss Family Robinson'.

I relish staying home and decided to put the armholes into my baby pinwheel on my lunch break. Quelle joie.

I can't help but think this would be the perfect cardigan for a turtle, eh?

So far, I have only used one ball of yarn. I obviously got a little side tracked by my pattern that said I needed 8 balls. They were for the 8 different colours... Nowww I get it.


Ederafaerie said...

Hi Aline (which is a very pretty name too by the way!)
Thanks so much for visiting my little blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your knitting is wonderful--for all my crochet skills, I can hardly knit a stitch at all, so I am impressed! And how neat that your daughter shares a name with me--it is a nice, old fashioned name (I am named after an British great aunt.)
Take care,
ps--that picture of Mimosa as a little lamb is adorable!

Lucette said...

Just so you know, I've been hemming pants and fixing clothing too. Not too exciting, but gratifying in a way.