Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Look what followed me home from Vendor Night at the Ottawa Knitting Guild?
A pasley magnetic chart marker. I have a 'thang' for the pasley design. My knitting bag is covered in 'em. I enjoy the French word for Pasley, Cachemire (à motifs de feuilles stylisées). I love leaves of all kinds.
The cute skull set is for Ivy. She is a new member of the guild this season. We are having lots of fun sharing a passion for knitting. Something I would have loved to experience when I was growing up. I am hoping to see some knit projects on her new blog soon.
I have been itching to cast on something a little more whispy that demands a bit more stick-to-it-iveness. Thus my first skein of lace wt...alpaca no less. I do declare a fling is happening here! Not to mention the colourway matches my pasley knitting bag...gefaw!

Post man extraordinaire dropped off my newest issue of bliss. So many must-knits between the covers, I could cry.

Is that a little knitting lurking around in this photo? French grammaire being what it is, I have been saturating my brain with french lingo and my fair-isle mittens are drawing a pension. I had to frog an inch of the palm last week since my chart following skills are about as good as my french vocabulary... Que veux-tu?
Nice, mr. post man also dropped off some lovely harmony straights. Yes indeed, I did decide upon the 10 inch ones. I have a set of longer bamboo straights from way back when. These shorter sticks will be fun for fewer stitch projects. They are so pretty and sleek! I highly recommend them.
My friend Lynda found this last week and picked up a copy for me. Merci! I have already found some patterns I want to knit next year (get in line honey).
Ivy and I have become die hard Fringe fans. Walter being the best part of this awesome show. Last week, Dr. Bishop even uttered the words ' Wool Socks ' just before zapping Peter to demonstrate static electricity. Maybe you 'had to be there' but stating wool socks is pretty close to actually breaking out the circulars. We were thrilled(it doesn't take much). We spend all week quoting Walter. It's fabulous fun. We will never get over the Root beer episode...Something is to be said for have so much in common with a crazy guy. I even found a Fringe group on Ravelry. Life is not so bad this week. Enjoy!

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nicole said...

Wow, so many lovely things from a "totally cool mom"! I'll have to check out this "Fringe" show.

I think your laceweight is the exact same colourway as my Forest Canopy shawl. Great minds think alike!