Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Secrets revealed

Okay kids, enough with the zippered lip. I am letting the cat out of the bag. This is my secret knitting project. I finished the second version yesterday. I remain true to my mandate of knitting everything three times or at least twice so far...
You know that famous line we all know and gloss over. Take time to check gauge. I have a new one for us. Take time to check gauge and Ravelry. I am sure everyone does (but me) and you guys save yourselves all sorts of grief but I did not and will forever from now on.
This is a birthday gift for my beloved sister. I knew what she had in mind before I started to knit this and when I finished I realized much to my chagrin that it would disappoint her. Like the long nogging tuque. Or the red cable hat everybody wondered why she wore every day...ahem.
This pattern says the scarf is a 62 inch dragon. When I finished, I had a measly 38 inches. The head was so small it looked like a purple rat. That was when I called my sister and confessed what I was up too. She had already guessed anyways. No surprise. That is what I get for buying her tarot cards 10 years ago. The woman knows everything.
So I frogged the dragon and inspired myself with Jurassic Park to get me in the mood for a re-knit. I upped the needle size from 4mm to 6mm...this time it was gonna be longggg. The first version used up half the yarn and I wanted to use up every inch of it so I took some ravelry advice and made extra bumps along the way. It worked out beautifully.

I am very pleased with this and have opted for some hand stitched eyes because my sister wanted red eyes to go with the whole dragon-lady beware look. Done. I think it is marvelous.
I must say, taking this picture of myself wasn't easy. All I could manage were shots of my double chin... I can't tell you how many deletes I hit.
It is over 5 feet long!Besides the frantic big needle knitting. I am happily seeing what I can do in the toe-up department. Last night I turned my first short-row heel. Not bad at all. I think I could get used to this. I must explain that I am using up little bits of different coloured sock yarn. A sock of many colours or a tribute to Dolly Parton? A crazy-quilt sockette.
I am eagerly waiting for the post-man these days. I ordered a mother load of goodies including replacement circular needles for my sheep vest. Somebody chewed my old one (which was new!). The new minous have been offered new accommodation in the heated workshop. They can come back when they grow up and stop climbing curtains and eating my needles.


Paula said...

That's a very impressive dragon and very cute minous. Naughty, but cute.

Jean said...

The dragon looked like a fun project inspite of its challenges.And kittens will be kittens, fortunately they are too cute! I do hope they receive frequent visits and lots of love (when they can be neutered - it does calm them down, mine were much better after that, I had them done at 4 months, the boy especially is so sweet!).

Femme du Monde said...

I luv my dragon, can't wait to wear it! What I need now is one of those felted viking hats and of course a coat......

nicole said...

So THAT'S what you've been up to!

I can't stand how cute those kitties are, even if they're naughty. The dragon is very impressive with its fiery red eyes. I'm sure your sister will love it.

Ivy said...

I looooove that dragon scarf, I want on to! And d'ont worry about the kittens they get calmer whith time.