Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early morning knitting

This has been bookmarked for ages over here. I have a baby gift to knit and the solution occured to me early this morning. I have some stashed yarn that I can use to avoid buying more. Why didn't I think of this sooner?In other news, my short row heel is kicking my butt. I don't like the first version I used for the first sockette and the second version will be perfect. I have only ripped it out three times. I got up early this morning to re-read the tutorial here. It is the purl side/public side/picking up of double wraps that is not my forte. I am off to cook some oatmeal and have another cuppa. Great weekend to you all!


nicole said...

I'm struggling with the same issues with my first toe up sock, in honor of socktober.

I just hate those double wraps. And is it me, or do short row heels look a bit weird. Harumph!

I do like being able to use every last inch of wool though.

Jean said...

Thank you for the link for the tutorial. I've been ejoying your blog for a little while now and find your writing has charm and sincerity. I may want to knit a few more socks heel down before I attempt the toe up version.