Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visiting my stash

I started something new and fun to work on yesterday. It is my new kit from Morehouse farm. I have been seeing the ads in knitting magazines for ever so long and I finally caved in this summer. Pepper loves cats and for many reasons we don't have one but my heart aches a little because I wish I could give her the perfect pet. I don't like to buy stuffed animals because they collect dust and end up in the shed when I get sick of lifting them off the floor. I thought she would get more use out of a cat wrap (tabby) she could wear in cool weather. I hope I can save this present for Christmas!
This yarn is bulky. The needles are the biggest I have ever used. In fact, when I read the pattern I had to puzzle for a minute. I am a metric gal and the pattern is american... I fetched my Ultimate Vogue knitting tome to check the conversion. I gasped to realize I needed 9 mm needles. Geez Louise, do I have 9 mm needles?? I bought a box full of needles at a flea market many years ago and it has my back in all knitting situations.This season, the executive committee of the Ottawa Knitting Guild has decided upon a mitten challenge. I have never participated in these challenges (three so far since I have become a member). The lovely prizes given to the winners always make me wish I had at least tried. So this year, I hope to get my mittens done in time. I can't stop thinking about the "let it snow" mittens in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. I had not noticed them there until Nicole pointed them out to me. I have blue and white mitten yarn in my stash so I think the stars have aligned.
I have visited my stash this morning trying to find my blue yarn. I went through the whole thing and made a pile of yarn I don't want anymore. Most of this is baby Astra I got on sale. If anyone wants this, please leave a comment and it is yours!

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