Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sir Swing Cardigan

Who needs satellite? There is enough nail bitting action by the sewing machine to keep me on the edge of my seat. I found it rather tricky to sew grosgrain ribbon to my fronts. I had accidentally stetched one side longer than the other. Gulp. I ripped it out and tried again.

Making button holes is definitely a cousin to steeks. I was sweating and short of breath doing this part. I made a few mistakes and thankfully the ribbon saved the day. I did not even know I could rip out a buttonhole never mind a buttonhole on a piece of knit fabric.

The pattern calls for three buttons and I ended up buying four and assumed I would use the four just because but after making three (5) buttonholes that matched I thought screw this...I know why this pattern calls for three!
I made myself a template of my buttonhole that I positioned to guide me.

After all is done, I decided to give this cardi to Ivy for school. She loves black and it fits her so well.

I think I will someday make myself another one as a medium in either black or winter white or both! I want to work on my mattress seaming. This is me not winning them all but I did manage to complete my summer cardigan before fall...
My sheep vest is next...before winter!


Susan said...

What a lovely cardigan, and what a lovely mummy for giving it away!!!

Paula said...

Well done! It does fit her beautifully. Don't lose it Ivy!

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Ton cardigan est très joli ! Parée pour les premiers froids alors. 1°C, c'est vraiment pas beaucoup. Ici il fait 12°C et je me plains du froid.