Friday, September 12, 2008

Sam & Sue were there

Here I am unpacking my knits for the Vogue Magazine event held at the lovely Canadian Museum of civilisation in Gatineau Québec last night. Ivy came with me and we had lots of fun admiring all the beautiful crème de la crème knitting on display by all the lovely and cool knitters from the Ottawa Knitting Guild. (I saw one man among us which I think is grand) I saw some familiar faces and friends. We toured the Québec folk art exhibit. We had a cuppa tea and some earring shopping. I love this boutique; where else can you buy moose earrings? I heart moose!

I tacked in even more ends of Sir swing cardi while local designer Sally Melville spoke to us about embracing change. I have no problem with change such as: summer ending and the kids are back at school, thus I get to have the serenity of an hour of quiet knitting at 14h everyday.
Sam the ram and Sue the ewe were there! Aren't they magestic? I sooo have to fork over the dollars to buy these patterns. Now that my sheperding has left the building, it might be nice to have a small flock of 'silent' sheep. They are way less smelly and eat much less hay. Looking on the bright side of things as usual.

A trip to the museum would not be complete without a quick trip to the third floor to visit the Wildcat Café exhibit that HD built back in the day (10 years I think). I remember him pouring over the plans and pictures of the original WildCat café of the Yukon. He nearly went nuts trying to build a crooked log building instead of his usual perfectionism in standard. We are very proud of his accomplishment, it looks great!

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