Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess and the pea

We decided to redecorate our bedroom. We bought a new mattress at the end of August and instead of receiving it immediately, we decided to hold off on the delivery and paint the room first. We arranged to have the mattress delivered on the 4th. I worked like mad right up to noon on the 4th to have everything done like dinner. They never showed up.

Thus, we have been sleeping on the couch for days. At first, I joked about it being like a camping trip seeing how we never go on any holiday or trip because HD works like a fiend. His boss is relentless. He's self employed.

I spent three days like a prisoner in my own home waiting by the window for the delivery truck to turn up. Umpteen phone calls later, they finally decided I was such a pain in the arse, they had better send someone over here printo.

Meet my new cloud number nine...

Last night, I made a cup of tea and fetched my Latvian mittens book and curled up for a good night in my own bed at last. HD is away on business and I had the bamboo sheets to myself. Ahhhh.

I am frantically sewing up Sir Swing Cardi. I have a million ends because my Callista yarn had several knots per ball. I am delighted that the first sleeve fit. I was afraid the armpit was too tight. Tomorrow I will buy some grosgrain ribbon for the button band.

Our new chickens have started to produce a handful of eggs per day. Everyday is like easter now. Each one is a slightly different colour and size. Yum they are so fresh and perfect. The hens have four boxes to lay their eggs yet they rather take turns and share the one box. I had to make three trips to the coop this morning to finish collecting all four eggs. I found out that chickens don't appreciate being watched while they lay eggs. Excuse me. They get all huffy and start clucking madly with eyes blazing. Better leave them alone...

I am in the mood to cook these days too. All the fresh eggs make for delicious recipes. I tried a baked squash dish and some homemade chocolate pudding from Cocoknits for tomorrows lunch boxes. Thanks Nicole!

And guess who I found looking out the window this afternoon? My dog can tell time. She gets the left over sandwich crusts and looks forward to the bus.


Susan said...

Nice chatty blog entry. I think I'll make me some of that pudding... it looks delicious. I miss your bergamot flowers on the title page, though the close-up of your vest is nice.

nicole said...

Ah, what a pretty new blog header! Can't wait to see your sheepy fair-isle done! But the black sweater will be a classic too!

Hope you enjoyed the pud. Thanks for reminding me of the recipe, I haven't made it in so long.

Sweet dreams in your new bed.

Oh and it turns out that I CAN go to the Vogue knitting thing after all. See you there?