Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No where near the end of the ends

I had a dental appointment today and treated myself to a shopping free afterwards. I haven't had much of a good retail therapy session since last Spring.
That and the new bed I sleep in now...I am a new girl!
I decided upon these buttons for Sir Swing Cardi.
I miss my lovely button store we used to have here in Buckingham...sniff.
I found some black grosgrain ribbon for the button band. I have to sew button holes with a sewing machine for this project. I thought this was an interesting aspect. I was grateful to find some time to tack in ends on my sweater while waiting for Dr Tran today. No where near the end of the ends. I am blogging instead of tacking too. Sigh. I may not have this done for the Vogue Event tomorrow.
Lo and behold I found 5 meters of a black Toile de Jouy fabric today. Ivy went nuts when I got home. The whole point of buying it really. She has been coveting this fabric for months. I can't believe I found some today!! I still have to manage a backing piece of fabric to the duvet cover I promised to make. I hope to find something less expensive yet classy.

I still have curtains to concoct$$$. Would you believe I did not shop any yarn store today? All day I kept hoping to find a new one along my way. It's a disease.


nicole said...

I admire both your restraint at not buying yarn today (I wish I could say the same, but I "accidentally" ended up at Janie H knits today. It's a long story...) and your pretty pretty Toile de Jouy.

Jean said...

I found a few yards of this fabric on clearance and made some lovely panels to cover the windows in my bedroom (Had to edge the bottom with some black fabric to stretch it some). This fabric is so beautiful you could dream up dozens of uses for it.