Sunday, September 28, 2008

I couldn't help it...

I finished the cat hat and added a needle felted cat face using the last string of gray yarn left over from the matching scarf. My girls are crazy in love with the needle felting technique. It is easy and fun.
The hat is knit in the round in garter stitch until I thought I might run out than I knit 2 together for two rows and with a darning needle I threaded the remainder of the stitches with the end of the yarn and pulled it tight. I stuffed the hat with a towel so it would stretch to its wearable size and needle felted the design free hand. The whiskers are a small piece of yarn I untwisted. I held the three plies close together and needle felted the middle leaving the six ends loose to be the whiskers.
Because we all have a soar throat and cough I decided to give Pepper her scraf right away. She was really happy and I think it made her feel a whole lot better. I was itching to take a picture of this. Scratch off one finished Christmas present. Ahem.


nicole said...

How could you resist? So kitty-cute!

Jean said...

The hat and scarf set is so precious. Fun use of color. Poor hubby, it is difficult to be ill, at least you are on the mend.