Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy birthday Pounie!

I can't remember if she is 7 or 8 today (I am a terrible mother) but I do know it is Pounie's birthday. We adopted her as a year old dog from a family in Gatineau. She came to us when the clover fields were blooming and I will never forget the first time she ran through the flowers, popping up here and there. She had a big smile on her face.

I am feeling much better although behind in my housework and cooking to the point of not knitting too much. HD is now under the grippe. I warned him of the stages...1) you get the aches 2) you get the chills 3) you get sweats. Nothing a little wool can't cure.


SD Sue said...

Like your new look and the sweater in the header is wonderful!!! Miss your sheep, but Pounie is so cute. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Bon anniversaire à Pounie alors ! J'aime beaucoup ta nouvelle bannière.