Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fast Relief

Nothing like some new yarn to sooth a sick girl. Love this one! It's called Tide Pool by STR. Toe up socks, as it turns out, are fun and fiddly and I am getting such a kick out of knitting a toe. I keep looking at my sock and hope and wonder that I am going in the right direction. I guess I will get used to this. I am making this up as I go along. I realize now that I have no official idea how to turn a heel from the opposite direction. How hard can it be?
The kids and I have come down with a cold and I feel like a whithered fruit. I am looking for Fast Relief like the box says. Reading the last comments did me a lot of good. Great minds, great minds!
Thursday was a big day for Bergere. I had volunteered to walk for Cancer research with my kids school in remembrance of Terry Fox. Hooffin' her all the way and my son and his classmate talked my ear off. I came home with a blistered toe and the first aches and pains of my new cold but at least it was a really great cause and I have both legs to stand on. No complaining here. It made my son really happy to share this event with his Mum.
Oh yippee, the season started for ER and Grey's Anotomy last night... It was tough staying up and waiting to take my meds only after it was over so I wouldn't pass out. In front of said T.v., I knit a new bump on my secret project than realized the pattern had a mistake so I frogged that bump, inserted the missing step and re-knit the bump again. The colour is not true in this photo. I work on a budget.
Today is yet another PD day for the kids. We had one last friday too. At least this week we are too sick to attend class anyways. So, HD took a half day off work to take Gazou (he is feeling better now) and a friend out on the bay for the afternoon. Us sickos in the house appreciate them taking off while we toast under our quilts and drink hot lemon and honey, eat cheezies and sip on gingerale.
If I feel better, I might start to spin again. HD asked me a few days ago; when would I start to spin again? God bless him for asking because this means if I do spin he won't complain that the house is messy and dinner is leftovers...
The idea is to make yarn from Frieda's fleece to knit the top down sweater. This will take me years but what he doesn't know is fine with me.
Pass the kleenex. Ah crap, I forgot to buy some.


Susan said...

That's some yummy yarn there, lady.

Turning the heel when you're doing toes-up is rather different than top-down... unless you're working short-row heels. Then it's the same. Heel-flap needs some adaptation but I believe it's possible, though I've never tried it.

I stayed up last night to watch Grey's, too. Damn near made me turn it off right at the beginning when they showed Derek dead. Grrr. Toying with my emotions like that ought to be illegal.

Miss you much! Hope you're feeling better soon.

nicole said...

Aw, sorry to hear you're under the weather.

Nothing like yarn to cheer a girl up though. Gorgeous!!!