Saturday, September 6, 2008

Curtain Call

I have been doing more decorating of my humble abode than knitting. sniff.
On one hand, I am thrilled to have a nice place when it is finished. (Having it tidy would be a bonus too.)
On the other hand, knitting is time consuming for me seeing how I knit everything three times before I get it right. Huff.
My bedroom is almost finished. Damn those twits that deliver furniture for not showing up here on Thursday...I lost three days so far over my new mattress. I will be writting a letter to the President. Watch if I don't score a nice new duvet cover at the end of this...The Lord provides.
My old cheap faded plastic blinds just won't do anymore either. This fact, HD had to admit to me when I innocently asked him to put them back up, (holding my breath.) It was obvious to him too. Thank God.
I found a cheap but cute cutain rod yesterday that will look devine with some new curtains. I loath the idea of sewing curtains. Meters of fabric give me the hibijibies. (how do you spell that anyways?) I am pressed for space to lay it all out and cut it straight and all that math. yikes. Not for me thank you.
Knitting curtains would be way more my style. Knitting them three times would take me too long. My new attempt at lace looks so pretty in the window though. For the record, this is only my second time knitting it this far. I can learn.

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Actually I think your way of spelling it is probably closer to the original (over in Europe it's normally 'heebie jeebies' but it sounds Indian to me).

I have always wanted to make my own lace curtains but usually half an inch into the required stitch count I lose my nerve...