Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cat all wrapped up

Voilà! What a fun knit. Kinda expensive when you think about it. Not too much knit for your buck but you have lots of left over worsted weight orange to make a matching hat. I have cast this on and am hoping it fits.

Sort of fun to take this picture with a "cat curled up on the couch" effect. It is very fetching. I am sure Pepper will love it! (sorry my camera is taking poor pictures lately. It could be the photographer!)

P.S. looks like I scared away all my beloved commenters. Believe me, I wasn't threatening to send you all unwanted acrylic!! I will send my bag of unwanted icky yarn to the friperie if I have too. Please come back : )


Paula said...

The perfect pet! Can't wait to see a modelled shot. Hopefully the camera will behave itself ;-).

Jean said...

This cat scarf is so darling, I like the colors you chose, cheerful for cooler (maybe in your case cold weather).

Susan said...

*peeks* It's safe to come out now? You won't throw acrylic at me? :)

Femme du Monde said...

hmm I wonder if there is a dragon on the way for a special someone, hint hint :)

Hilary said...

This is absolutely adorable and so clever!

nicole said...

No, you didn't scare me away either, I've just been ignoring my laptop lately (reminds me of work, yuck!)

I was thinking of the "Let it snow" mittens" for OKG challenge too! (Imagine that!), but I have another trick up my sleeve.

VERY cute kitty. So perfect for Pepper.

See you tomorrow night! :)