Monday, August 25, 2008

Life without sheep

It is very quiet here. The bergerie has been swept clean. The sound of crickets singing day and night but no 'Maaa' when I walk along the bergamot path. HD has quickly taken the wooden boxes apart and remodelled the bergerie into something of a storage shed. He made a lovely chicken pen and we get one egg a day from the smallest white hen with the big red hat. She looks like blondy from the 70s. She is cute.
I had to make a few amendments to my blog since the focus has changed here. A change is as good as a rest they say.

I am making friends with a new yarn today. This is SIRDAR Blur with kid mohair. It is very sticky and whispy. I wonder if lace would look nice or should I knit a plain fabric? Time will tell. I have some time to play with this while I sew up my Swing cardigan.
I blocked the pieces on towels I smoothed out over my duvet on my bed. I did this before dinner last night and left the ceiling fan on high to dry out the pieces while I watched a movie with my girls. HD came home and I had not noticed him slip off to bed without saying goodnight. I found him asleep under the duvet with my sweater pieces untouched above him with a millions pins sticking out of the lump in the bed like a deleted scene from Edward Scissorhands... I was too scared he would hurt himself to think of taking a picture for my blog. Man, that would have been a good one.


Paula said...

What a sweetheart to get into bed without disturbing your knitting!

Susan said...

Where's the bergamot? Where's the pretty flowers and the blue sky? It's not all that bad, is it??!

nicole said...

hahaha, I love the idea of your hubby underneath your blocked knitting. He MUST have been very tired!