Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is the bus here yet?

Poonie has had it up to there with the kids and she wants her quiet house back.
Doesn't she look fed up? Gage has been walking her on the leash like a common pup. It is sad. Doesn't she look sad?

"Don't worry Poone, one more day and the bus comes and takes them all away..."

To celebrate, we cleaned out the potting shed. The kids and Papa counted all the empty cans and bottles and bought some fireworks for tonight. We are having roasted marshmellows and music after dark. Close summer with a bang.

The new Knit picks catalogue has my Visa card vibrating like a lovers cell phone. I love the sock yarn samplers! I love the new harmony straight needles! I am working out the pros and cons between ordering 10" and 14" lengths. The verdict is not back yet. What are you doing? I am sure you are all ordering some too...come on be honest!
Psst...I haven't had a minute to myself to sew up Sir Swing Cardigan. We have been decorating Ivy's bedroom. HD is on a few days holiday too. I am dying to knit a sock. I have some kits hidden in my armoire that I am itching to cast on for Christmas presents. I have a Labour Day rule about Christmas knitting and stocking stuffer shopping. If I don't start now, it will never be great on the big day.
We are out of milk and marshmellows so I have to go to the Metro. Bye!


nicole said...

I'm sure poone isn't the only one looking forward to a quieter house...


Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

How is the quiet house? I thought you were in school?