Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dear Designer,

As much as I love your pattern for the Swing Cardigan, I do not however enjoy reading your mind.


Bergère de Lochaber

Despite the fact that I have to take deep breaths and fly by the seat of my new pants to work up the courage to knit this cardigan, I am almost done!

I suppose the knitting gods decided it was high time that little miss Bergère gave herself I little credit. This pattern proves to myself (the only one in doubt I suppose) that I am an able knitter after all.

As it turns out eyelet is not the worst thing in the world. I can add two stitches as a selvage and do the math. Go figure! And I can knit this lush fabric in time for August 2008. I am also pleased to note to self that my brillant idea of knitting all three pieces up to the shaping was a grand plan. Now that I have conquered the finishing of both back and front I realize how much fun it is to shape all three pieces at once.

This knits up so fast that I have taken more pictures of each stage than I had time to blog about. I am also thinking I should knit more of these. I love my yarn choice too. Callista. The next one might be off-white. I wonder if I should bother. There are so many lovely cardigans in the world that I should try something new instead of having a plethora of #30 Swing Cardigans in my cupboard. What will I do? My sheep vest has been sending me daggers... I feel badly its not finished because I am thinking about swatching some merino.

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