Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is the bus here yet?

Poonie has had it up to there with the kids and she wants her quiet house back.
Doesn't she look fed up? Gage has been walking her on the leash like a common pup. It is sad. Doesn't she look sad?

"Don't worry Poone, one more day and the bus comes and takes them all away..."

To celebrate, we cleaned out the potting shed. The kids and Papa counted all the empty cans and bottles and bought some fireworks for tonight. We are having roasted marshmellows and music after dark. Close summer with a bang.

The new Knit picks catalogue has my Visa card vibrating like a lovers cell phone. I love the sock yarn samplers! I love the new harmony straight needles! I am working out the pros and cons between ordering 10" and 14" lengths. The verdict is not back yet. What are you doing? I am sure you are all ordering some too...come on be honest!
Psst...I haven't had a minute to myself to sew up Sir Swing Cardigan. We have been decorating Ivy's bedroom. HD is on a few days holiday too. I am dying to knit a sock. I have some kits hidden in my armoire that I am itching to cast on for Christmas presents. I have a Labour Day rule about Christmas knitting and stocking stuffer shopping. If I don't start now, it will never be great on the big day.
We are out of milk and marshmellows so I have to go to the Metro. Bye!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Life without sheep

It is very quiet here. The bergerie has been swept clean. The sound of crickets singing day and night but no 'Maaa' when I walk along the bergamot path. HD has quickly taken the wooden boxes apart and remodelled the bergerie into something of a storage shed. He made a lovely chicken pen and we get one egg a day from the smallest white hen with the big red hat. She looks like blondy from the 70s. She is cute.
I had to make a few amendments to my blog since the focus has changed here. A change is as good as a rest they say.

I am making friends with a new yarn today. This is SIRDAR Blur with kid mohair. It is very sticky and whispy. I wonder if lace would look nice or should I knit a plain fabric? Time will tell. I have some time to play with this while I sew up my Swing cardigan.
I blocked the pieces on towels I smoothed out over my duvet on my bed. I did this before dinner last night and left the ceiling fan on high to dry out the pieces while I watched a movie with my girls. HD came home and I had not noticed him slip off to bed without saying goodnight. I found him asleep under the duvet with my sweater pieces untouched above him with a millions pins sticking out of the lump in the bed like a deleted scene from Edward Scissorhands... I was too scared he would hurt himself to think of taking a picture for my blog. Man, that would have been a good one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bergère no more...

My herd has found a new home. A lovely lady bought the entire herd for the purpose of loving them for the noble creatures they are and save them from becoming anyones kabob.
This comes as a bitter bitter sweet sorrow thing. I am okay but say it fast. A little alcohol and some potatoe chips and lots of kleenex and maybe some knitting when I can see through the tears tomorrow...anything but wool for now.
Please send love...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Knit Out

I just got a newsletter from Berroco. Norah Gaughan Vol 3 has me needing a little nap. Gothic inspired knits à la favorite designer. I still haven't knit Vol. 1 yet! Oh la la.

Sunday was a special day. The annual Knit Out at the Ottawa Experimental farm with the Guild. It was over before I knew it but I had a wonderful afternoon. This year, I volunteered to help and was assigned to teach knitting. I am happy to report that I even taught a boy. He loved it and said to his Mum that he wanted to make knitting his private hobby.-haha!
We had some fun with fiber friends. This year some of our spinners brought their wheels. I brought my spindle but I don't have the pictures yet. It was lovely to meet up with some of my favorite knitters. See what cool stuff they brought to work on. My favorite was Susan's 'Boob jewelry'. A negative ease corset style top to wear over a blouse. I wish my camera battery would have cooperated long enough to capture that. I would like to thank the weather for being so lovely. It did not rain and a cool breeze kept blowing by. I drove home in the sun shine with rain drops coming down and a full rainbow up ahead. I think it is a sign of good things to come.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dear Designer,

As much as I love your pattern for the Swing Cardigan, I do not however enjoy reading your mind.


Bergère de Lochaber

Despite the fact that I have to take deep breaths and fly by the seat of my new pants to work up the courage to knit this cardigan, I am almost done!

I suppose the knitting gods decided it was high time that little miss Bergère gave herself I little credit. This pattern proves to myself (the only one in doubt I suppose) that I am an able knitter after all.

As it turns out eyelet is not the worst thing in the world. I can add two stitches as a selvage and do the math. Go figure! And I can knit this lush fabric in time for August 2008. I am also pleased to note to self that my brillant idea of knitting all three pieces up to the shaping was a grand plan. Now that I have conquered the finishing of both back and front I realize how much fun it is to shape all three pieces at once.

This knits up so fast that I have taken more pictures of each stage than I had time to blog about. I am also thinking I should knit more of these. I love my yarn choice too. Callista. The next one might be off-white. I wonder if I should bother. There are so many lovely cardigans in the world that I should try something new instead of having a plethora of #30 Swing Cardigans in my cupboard. What will I do? My sheep vest has been sending me daggers... I feel badly its not finished because I am thinking about swatching some merino.