Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twitching mumsy

It is a curse. I find mistakes everywhere and it is really making me insecure. I found a mistake in my french grammer book. I found another mistake in my sewing pattern. Nothing like setting me back a week. I feel paranoid like it might just be ME.

So, I crawl over to my knitting basket and hope to find a little relaxation and easy clickin'. I have 2 stitches too many after my first row of decreases. The culprit I believe must be the yo twice. Without yo twice I wouldn't be having this problem. The sentence ends with -90 sts. As if to say that is the amount I should have when I properly followed the double decreases. This sends me ripping and counting over and over until I develop a twitch. The next row of the pattern reads to 'drop the extra yo at each end thus increasing 2 sts.' So now I am steaming. There is no way I could have 90 sts unless I purl the next row and drop the extra two...Should the indication of -90 sts not be at the end of the purl row for the sake of kindness. hum? This kind of technical writing makes me crazy. I don't want to waste time. I looked up my Swing Cardigan in Vogue and found a similar correction to the pattern but nothing specific.

I cruised around Ravelry to see if anyone mentioned this in the comments. Nope. I glean hope by seeing the finished Swing cardigans and smiling faces. I guess the knitting gods are rained out of the camp ground and back on duty making me twitch. I am starting to think my new sock yarn is looking prettier by the half hour. As I write this, I realize it is raining on my sheets!

This being my knitting blog, I won't start parading around in my pants I just finished sewing but they are done. I am working on a blouse now. I need new clothes to go with my knitting. 'Tis all. I was reading in a Chatelaine magazine that a skirt longer than knee length looks mumsy. I love long skirts even if I am three apples high. Am I not mumsy already with three kids? Like it's too late for that man. I wonder if the article means snotty office attire should be knee length? I have so been there and so done with that. Mumsy. I guess I like mumsy. Twitch.


Susan said...

I think us three-apples-high gals look marvelous and glamerous in long, sweepy skirts. I really do. To hell with mumsy.

Femme du Monde said...

I want to see the pants! So the blog started off about knitting and now it's about life...

Lucette said...

Hey I just-like 3 minutes ago- finished sewing a pair of pants and am wearing them right now. So bring on the pants. And I am shortening a skirt to knee length, as everywhere I go I see gals in swingy skirts, swishing around. Would love to see photos of your sewing. Are you and Donna coming to the knitout this weekend?