Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Meet my new yarn project. I frogged those wrist warmers for something more useful. I love seed stitch and who doesn't love a beautiful pillow, eh? I was at Beddingtons last week and saw an assortment of wool duvets and pillows and thought I could make some lovely wool pillows of my own from homespun. Inside and out. I have lots of fleece hanging around to fill a pillow. This is fun travel knitting on land and water. I cast this on in the truck on our way to the river to spend Canada Day. I got this much done while my kids and HD were fishing.
I have had second thoughts about hybernating my vest. I guess it really is love. I can't turn my back on it now. I frogged the upper part and sat down and wrote out all the decreases and respective stitch count for each row so at any given time, I can easily check my work when I am knitting with distractions. I started the decreasing again and I am paying close attention to the direction I slant my decreases around the armholes which the pattern doesn't specify(quelle surprise). One of the reasons why I frogged the first upper vest. I saw some wayward slants in there...some were not there at all and everything was lopsided. This got me thinking, do patterns ever tell you which way to slant your decreases for an armhole? I perused a few patterns in a magazine and all I could find was the word 'decrease'. No specific ssk or k2tg; so I decided to make up my own mind and do what I think looks pretty. I must be getting fussy in my old age.
Here I give you a rainy day dressing up the dog picture.

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