Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hanging by a thread

Here is what I have knit so far on my swing cardigan. I have decided to knit all the bottom pieces to the point under the arms where I will start the pretty eyelet decreasing. I will simultaneously decrease all three pieces so everything gets done at the same time during that particular session. It has occured to me that each piece is hanging by a thread while I work a separate piece with those needles and perhaps some extra circular needles would make hopping from one piece to the next a smoother jump. I hope my plan works. I hope the knitting gods are on vacation and let me win one.
This yarn is black as night and not so fun to photograph. I don't have a fancy zoom and special tricks to get a cool view of the pretty yarn and double decrease design up the sides. sigh. Worth it in the end though, I so love this yarn. Great summer clickin' kids. I have been zipping around Ravelry and man oh man some people have a ton of beautiful projects! I saw one lace skirt that nearly stopped my heart. It looked like a doily that had a waist section coming out of the center. Beautiful! And what a wonderful idea. I have yet to knit lace in a circle. I made a lace cardigan for Ivy to wear home from the hospital when she was born. I nearly climbed the curtains over that pattern. I wasn't climbing anything with that belly thankfully but that was the end of my lace knitting. It has been 15 years, I think it is time, n'est ce pas?


Susan said...

Ooooh! Wearable lace doilies! What pattern was that, pray tell?

Glad you have found good summer clickin'... I am reduced to endless ribbed socks right now. At least I'll be set for winter.

Are knit nights on Thursdays still on- do you know, do you go? :) Kate and I were thinking tonight at TAFK (Tuesdays Are For Knitting) that we ought to begin going again.

nicole said...

Can't wait to see how your sweater turns out. Great idea knitting it all at once.

And yes, lace can be lovely. Go for it!