Monday, July 14, 2008

For you Pet

Pet needs a post. I know. I know. My knitting is so boring these past few months. I keep knitting the same 4 inches it seems. Back and forth. I find getting up really early while the wee folk are sleeping is the best time to knit. This being a relatively new solution, I only average 2 rows a day at best but that's my summer status.

My new yarn arrived today. I had some fun organizing my basket for a swatch session this afternoon. I had a few rows of swatch done and found a knot. Damn. I untied it and tinked back a few stitches to the beginning of my row and continued. One row later, a splice. Okay, is this normal or am I getting punked here? I can almost hear my balloon making that loud rude noise as it collapses. Let's hope it was just that one ball of yarn. Hope.

I am embarking on this journey with an important clue in mind. Selvage stitches. I learned the hard way that lack of selvage stitches in my aran cardi was a big honking mistake when it came time to sew that baby together. I am praying that I can work my brain around the extra stitch in the decrease sections. It doesn't take much to spooke me.

1 comment:

nicole said...

Oooh, that pattern looks pretty. Hope the yarn behaves!

By the way, I found 2 books in a pile that belong to the Guild (I know, I know, BAD knitter!)

I'll email you the titles.